Passionate About Kansas City
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CLEAN is crossed off the list!

(Note: Kansas City Moms Blog received services in exchange for this review; however, all opinions shared are those of the contributor who wrote them.) You know the deal moms, we bring these wonderful little people into the world and they wow us with their lightning speed growth, they entertain us with their crazy antics and super […]

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The New Rules of Snack Time

Snack time. I have a love/hate affair with it. My kids seem to whine for snacks anytime they are not snacking and then anytime they are, they whine for more or for different snacks or for snack time be over. Seriously. I know all the moms out there understand me on this one. Too many […]

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Organize Your Kitchen Like a Chef

Organize your Kitchen Like a Chef

I’d like to introduce you to the motto that organizes my kitchen, actually it is more than that it’s probably what organizes my life: Mise En Place. It’s a French phrase that professional kitchens use, and basically translates to: “putting in place.” Otherwise known as getting ready or setting yourself up for success. In a professional kitchen, […]

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A Tidy Home Makes Me a Better Mom

Perhaps you’ve seen or read this poem: Or perhaps something like these floating around the internet: Poems like that and memes such as these make me scoff and then get under my skin. I am not the kind of person who can tolerate dirt and disarray easily. But, sometimes it feels like being a “good […]

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Meet Amanda Cole, KCMB’s Mother of the Year

Last spring, Amanda Cole had a normal 19-month-old-daughter, Malina. But suddenly, she was unable to walk or even crawl. The cause, she would soon learn, was a mass in Malina’s lower spine, which eventually was diagnosed as a bone cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma. “We were in a whirlwind. Our world had just been turned upside down,” Amanda […]

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