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Fruits of the Spirit

Teaching the Fruits of the Spirit

I have had grand plans for quite a while now to teach my preschooler about the fruits of the Spirit. I was going to do hours of blog-reading and website-scouring to find the best resources and activities for each attribute listed in Galatians 5:22-23. I was going to correlate songs and Veggie Tales episodes. I […]

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power of the pouch

Power of the Pouch

Once upon a time, I wasn’t so sure about the baby food pouch. Part of me thinks it’s because I craved the “click-ability” of the lids of baby food jars from my own childhood. But I also stubbornly made all my own baby food for a while. Then, I heard about Ella’s Kitchen pouches. These were […]

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an evolving message

An Evolving Message to Our Son

“Be safe. Be respectful. Be kind.” They are the words I whisper to my son as we stand, foreheads together, surrounded by the toys and kids of my mother’s home daycare, giving quick goodbyes before I head to work. He has heard this reminder time and again, since before he could even explain its meaning. […]

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The Crunchy Pendulum: Where I Finally Landed

Crunchy, adjective – Having a healthy diet and way of living; natural; earthy My journey down the “crunchy” rabbit hole started with a set of plastic spoons given to me at a baby shower. Everything else I received that day, from pacifiers to sippy cups, proudly boasted “BPA Free” on the packaging. This unassuming little package of spoons did not. I was curious. I naively […]

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My Mommy Sense is Tingling: A Mother’s Complete Guide to Synesthesia

Fox is hard-left; spoon is soft-right. Mackenzie is orange; Amanda is lavender. And if you were to even suggest that a word might be hard-RIGHT or soft-LEFT, well, my goodness. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. It actually makes me physically uncomfortable. (It was an interesting semester the year my mischievous sixth grade students learned […]

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My Little Boy Likes Fairies

My little boy likes fairies.  Yes, that’s right. My three year old boy likes fairies, princesses, and pink. Actually, I think he prefers them. He stops at every display he sees in stores, excitedly looking for a certain red-headed mermaid. And he loves to pretend he is a purple-winged fairy. (That last one started at […]

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thermostat battles

Thermostat Battles

I think my husband is a grizzly bear. And I’m not just talking about his snoring or the way he hibernates in his man cave for what seems like days on end. I’m talking about heat retention. You can see the difference in our temperature preferences in many ways: I want to go on a […]

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