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Bucket List

Adventures in Bucket-Listing

I was living a textbook life. I was raised in a conservative church, met my husband in the youth group and married him at 19. I finished my education degree and spent several years surviving the world of teaching while changing the lives of my students. I cried my way through fertility treatments and cried […]

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strong as steel

Strong as Steel

I can do a pull up. A full, real deal, no-cheats pull up. It took me 32 years, one Amazon Prime pull up bar order, and a final decision to train for American Ninja Warrior (ANW). But I finally accomplished the goal. (The first of many where ANW is concerned!) And let me tell you, […]

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Fruits of the Spirit

Teaching the Fruits of the Spirit

I have had grand plans for quite a while now to teach my preschooler about the fruits of the Spirit. I was going to do hours of blog-reading and website-scouring to find the best resources and activities for each attribute listed in Galatians 5:22-23. I was going to correlate songs and Veggie Tales episodes. I […]

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power of the pouch

Power of the Pouch

Once upon a time, I wasn’t so sure about the baby food pouch. Part of me thinks it’s because I craved the “click-ability” of the lids of baby food jars from my own childhood. But I also stubbornly made all my own baby food for a while. Then, I heard about Ella’s Kitchen pouches. These were […]

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an evolving message

An Evolving Message to Our Son

“Be safe. Be respectful. Be kind.” They are the words I whisper to my son as we stand, foreheads together, surrounded by the toys and kids of my mother’s home daycare, giving quick goodbyes before I head to work. He has heard this reminder time and again, since before he could even explain its meaning. […]

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The Crunchy Pendulum: Where I Finally Landed

Crunchy, adjective – Having a healthy diet and way of living; natural; earthy My journey down the “crunchy” rabbit hole started with a set of plastic spoons given to me at a baby shower. Everything else I received that day, from pacifiers to sippy cups, proudly boasted “BPA Free” on the packaging. This unassuming little package of spoons did not. I was curious. I naively […]

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My Mommy Sense is Tingling: A Mother’s Complete Guide to Synesthesia

Fox is hard-left; spoon is soft-right. Mackenzie is orange; Amanda is lavender. And if you were to even suggest that a word might be hard-RIGHT or soft-LEFT, well, my goodness. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. It actually makes me physically uncomfortable. (It was an interesting semester the year my mischievous sixth grade students learned […]

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My Little Boy Likes Fairies

My little boy likes fairies.  Yes, that’s right. My three year old boy likes fairies, princesses, and pink. Actually, I think he prefers them. He stops at every display he sees in stores, excitedly looking for a certain red-headed mermaid. And he loves to pretend he is a purple-winged fairy. (That last one started at […]

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