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A beautiful dinner alfresco, until the toddler wakes up screaming to the sound of his mom's fork grazing a plate.

How to Take Kids Out to Eat in 37 Easy Steps

We’ve all been there. It’s a Friday night, the refrigerator is depleted from the week’s school lunches and the thought of cooking and cleaning up another meal sounds about as exciting as a trip to the gynecologist. You deserve it and you know it. A nice meal out, chilled wine in a real glass and […]

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Charlottesville, VA. Love not hate.

Bigotry Has No Place Here

The news cycle coming from Charlottesville, Virginia is astonishing. It is maddening, shameful and repugnant. My visceral reaction to the Neo-Nazi protestors has nothing to do with where my family and I fall along the political spectrum. It is not a matter of freedom of speech or the right to protest. It is not about […]

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We All Need More Staycations in Our Lives

Memories are made in the summer. From biking, to swimming and sleepovers children live for the excitement of the school-free months. Studies are increasingly emphasizing the need for parents and children to take a break from the everyday pressures and ongoing stresses experienced throughout the year. Cue the much needed summer vacation, a time for family […]

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Simple Valentine's Crafts for the Non-Pinterest MOms

Simple Valentine’s Crafts for the Non-Pinterest Moms

Valentine’s Day really sneaks up on us moms. It feels as if we are just getting settled from the mayhem of Christmas and all of a sudden this pesky little holiday appears out of nowhere demanding chocolates, class treats, crafts and an explosion of pink and red. Fear not fellow procrastinators, I’ve compiled some ideas […]

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When Your Baby Hates the Car

When Your Baby Hates the Car

So, your baby hates the car. I get it. I’ve been there, with both of my children. It’s beyond miserable for everyone involved. The baby is crying hysterically, the siblings are covering their ears trying to drown out the screams, and the parents…oh the poor, poor parents are merely trying to survive. If you are […]

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Holiday Hacks for Parents

The holidays are a magical time, especially when lived vicariously through children. There truly is nothing better than watching them experience the wonder. Social media shows the highs of the Christmas season: matching outfits, well-behaved Santa visits and a peaceful Christmas morning breakfast eating Rudolph-shaped pancakes. For our first Christmas with a baby in tow, […]

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Every little boy AND girl needs this tee. Because obviously.

7 Tips for Out-of-the-Box Boy Fashion

In a past life, I dreamt of being a fashionista. Then, I got pregnant and found yoga pants and that dream was far-gone. When I became a mom of two boys I thought my visions of living out the rest of my fashionable days vicariously through them were sure to be crushed. The clothing within the “boys” […]

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