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#shopKC2017 | Kansas City’s Local Holiday Shopping Guide

It's here! Kansas City Moms Blog is proud to present the 2017 edition of shopKC. We are thrilled to bring you holiday gift ideas from some of Kansas City's finest small businesses. From clothing to food, ways to improve your health & wellness and work from local makers, you're sure to find quality goods made here [...]
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A Stranger Told Me I Was A Bad Mom

I stood there in shock and disbelief. A woman I didn’t know, a stranger, was standing in the middle of the store, telling me I was a bad mother. I was four weeks postpartum. My toddler was whining because I couldn’t open his fruit snacks fast enough and my newborn daughter was screaming in her […]

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Encapsulating My Placenta

Encapsulating My Placenta

Two years ago, I fought a nasty battle with postpartum depression. I lost myself completely, missed out on major milestones of my son’s life and nearly took my own. When the fog of postpartum depression finally lifted, I swore I would never put my family or myself through that hell again, yet a year later, I […]

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We Rock the Spectrum

Indoor Fun at We Rock the Spectrum

This post is sponsored by We Rock the Spectrum – Kansas City. However, all opinions are those of the contributor who wrote them.Parents everywhere are always searching for a place to play with their children. Somewhere that gets the family out of the house, but without breaking the bank; provides a safe environment, but still […]

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Our Journey Through the Five Love Languages

Our Journey Through The 5 Love Languages

Relationships are hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s date #3 or 10 years after saying, “I do,” choosing to love someone and spend every day by his or her side does not always come easy. Add children into the mix and the word “hard” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Date nights have now turned […]

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I Don't Want to Have it All

I Don’t Want To Have It All

For too long, I ranked my success as a mother on whether or not I could keep everything balanced. It was almost as though my life resembled spinning plates in a circus act, perfectly in sync and never wavering. My career, my marriage, the cleanliness of my home and the happiness of my child all […]

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Mom, I Get it Now

Mom, I Get It Now

I distinctly remember the moment. I was lying on the floor of my son’s nursery. He was going on hour four of non-stop crying, and I had resorted to a desperate, exhausted heap at the foot of his crib. While I cried alongside him, I realized that my mom loves me THIS much. This love that I […]

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When Developmental Milestones Aren't Met

When Developmental Milestones Aren’t Met

“Skill not mastered.” Those were the words used to kindly tell me that my son isn’t meeting the developmental milestones he should be at nearly 16-months old. His new daycare teacher had completed his 1-year evaluation and slipped it in his backpack. Consistently Cruising/Pulling Up — Skill Not Mastered Walking Unassisted — Skill Not Mastered […]

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