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Mastitis, You Suck

When I was about 35ish weeks pregnant with my first, my Mom was helping me get the nursery set up and all the typical last minute things you do before you’re about to have your first baby. And as moms tend to do, she gave me some tidbits of advice without being too annoying or […]

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youtube secret

My YouTube Secret

One of the many things I’ve learned in this parenting gig is that no matter how weird or awkward or strange something your kid does, chances are at least 75% of other kids have done it or are currently doing it as well. I’ll still go ahead and Google said weird kid thing before bringing […]

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The Seven Year Itch?

My husband and I recently celebrated seven years of marriage. Of course we’ve been together longer than that, but passing the seven year mark of being lawfully wed seems somewhat significant. I think it’s that old “seven year itch” phrase that implies happiness declines after that. While I hope that won’t be the case for us […]

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Always on Defense

Confession: I’m a bit on the defensive side. My husband would argue that I’m more defensive than most, but I think his opinion is biased. OK, so maybe it’s more than a bit. As humans, it’s only natural to want to defend ourselves from criticism or judgment. Being overly passive is seen as a flaw. No […]

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Flying with Kids

Ah, flying. The “luxury” mode of transportation we love to hate. Long security lines, ever increasing ticket prices and being uncomfortably packed in like sardines with 150 strangers. In the rare event your flight goes smoothly, it can be a nice relaxing reprieve from your everyday hustle and bustle. An hour or more to zone […]

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Making Kansas City Home

When my husband and I were married over six years ago we did a little tree planting during our ceremony. It was a symbol of our new budding life together as one. We took that tree and planted it in the yard of the first house we bought together in Utah. For five years, we lived […]

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Real Moms of Christmas

Well here we are, we’ve made it to the final stretch. Christmas is only a few days away and then once again we can return to scrolling through our social media streams without feeling the pang of guilt of not doing ALL THE HOLIDAY THINGS with our kids. I thought I was #winningatchristmas when I let […]

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Here and There

Now that I’m four years into parenting and two kids deep, I have fully accepted #momlife. The first stage being survival (do whatever it takes to get that baby to sleep) followed quickly by denial (nope, this can not be my life…please no) and slowly but surely (buy the minivan, wear the yoga pants, shop thee […]

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On Having a VBAC

On Having a VBAC

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. Like most moms, I spent the day scrolling through pictures on my phone and tried to hold back tears as I recounted that special day a year prior. Her birth was very different from her older brother’s; he was born via a planned cesarean […]

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How to Run With Your Baby

How to Run With Your Baby

Ah, Fall. When the promise of colorful foliage views and crisp cool temps beckons me to lace up my Asics and hit the pavement. There is nothing quite like the solitude of running in the early morning hours of the day with my girls Demi and Ariana jamming in my ear buds. Then sometimes I get […]

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