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Books for Tough Topics

I’d like to think that because I’m 28 years ahead of my oldest daughter, I have mature answers to all her questions, intelligent explanations to her curiosities and calming responses to her intense emotions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! I’d like to think I can craft the age appropriate words to handle tough topics. Again, definitely not the […]

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Preventing Sexual Abuse

Typing the title of this post pains me. It breaks my heart that this is the world we live in. About a year and a half ago, my husband went to a conference for his work related to counseling and supporting people through different types of suffering. One afternoon they spent the entire session teaching […]

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Books for Moms: Motherhood Memoirs

There are all sorts of books targeted specifically at moms. You can simply conduct a quick Amazon search on “best books for moms” and marvel at the variety. (I mean… wow.) In my early days of parenting, the only mom books I read were of the how to genre; you know, “how get your kid […]

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