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vegetarian cattle producer

Going from Vegetarian to Cattle Producer

The post is written and sponsored by CommonGround, a national organization of women farmers and ranchers.I spent years trading hamburgers for veggie patties, a “morally-conscious” food consumer who sought organic, natural ingredients whenever possible. Growing up in the city, I didn’t really understand how our food was grown. That is, until I left and started […]

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refugee camp

Through a Mother’s Eyes : My View of a Refugee Camp in Greece

Motherhood is an identity that transcends countries of birth and circumstance. Mothers across the world experience starkly different realities, but the connection between us all is unavoidable. When I see a mother, no matter where I am, I feel a sense of kinship. We are the nurturers, the matriarchs, the teachers of life lessons. We […]

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10 Great Places To Hide Your Elf

Christmas is almost here, which means it’s time for your elf to come out to spy for Santa. Here are some fantastic tricks and places to hide your elves when you’re all out of ideas! (Number 10 is for special elf names.) 1. Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is an awesome place to hide your elf. […]

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conception myths

Top Misconceptions About Conception

We have partnered with Olathe Medical Center to bring relevant and important information to KCMB readers through this sponsored post.We’ve all heard at least one old wives’ tale about how to get pregnant. Elevate your hips for 20 minutes after intercourse, maintain a certain position during intercourse, use a lubricant to help the sperm swim […]

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The Benefits of a Flexible, Virtual Learning Environment

The Benefits of a Flexible, Virtual Learning Environment

Note: This post is sponsored by, and written in collaboration with Leavenworth Virtual School (USD 453). Parents are their child’s best teachers. These days, a number of families are opting to maximize this philosophical belief through a homeschool or virtually supported learning environment for their child, as opposed to a more traditional classroom experience. The Leavenworth Virtual […]

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