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Earth Day

Happy Earth (Every) Day

When I wrote this Earth Day post, I was anti-lists. I usually shy away from offering how-to lists because there are so many circulating already – and I figured that if given information about something, people would naturally extrapolate for themselves what to do. For example, I know trees absorb CO2, retain soil and clean […]

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Birth photography: capturing your special moments

Many people who hear the words “birth” and “photography” together shudder as they picture scrunched-up-in-pain faces, less than flattering hospital gowns, smeared (or zero) makeup, not to mention the “aftermath.” Who would want to see that again? A lot of people, actually – and it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend. During the birthing process, there […]

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The Family That Wiis Together

I fought it. I fought it hard. I was convinced that, if I gave into it, my  little boy would be lost forever. He who still thought that dancing with me to 80’s pop music was a valid form of entertainment and exercise. A little boy who was still attached to his faded baby blanket and slept […]

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