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5 Tips for Surviving Home Projects

I have been married for nearly six years; during that time, we have endured and survived a home remodel along with various other projects in and around our home. We married young, and my husband already owned a house – an old two bedroom house which was home to five bachelors before we got married […]

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Becoming June Cleaver

My boys have recently enjoyed watching “Leave It To Beaver” reruns on Netflix and I could NOT be more pleased. While I am not entirely attached to the expectations of family life portrayed by the Cleaver family, I do love the wholesome tone and the quick wit portrayed throughout the show. I once watched an […]

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What is love (for a pregnant woman)?

In honor of the much-loved – or greatly despised – Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share with my fellow moms the joys of how marital love has played out for this pregnant woman. When you’re pregnant, often times you’re hungry, moody, and emotional – all while getting bigger every day. That’s a rough combination! […]

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