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Five Forever

As my legs pushed his lanky giggling body into the air, he looked down at me. The gentle breeze swayed the branches on the trees and rustled the gorgeous fallen leaves back and forth. I stared up at his freckled nose and his bleached-out hair. Then, I asked him an important question,  “Will you stay […]

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Willig, Children's Mercy

Meet Dr. Laurel Willig, Kidney Doctor and Toddler Mom

Kansas City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Children’s Mercy on a six-part series featuring working moms at Children’s Mercy.Dr. Laurel Willig is a Pediatric Nephrologist (kidney doctor) at Children’s Mercy Hospital. She earned an M.D. from the Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa and also holds an M.S. in Epidemiology […]

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After Mom Passes: What to Expect

Our mothers are the tough, loving, admirable and hard-working women who raised us, defined in so many different ways. The person who nourished and raised us as a baby, rocking and feeding us at all hours of the night. The woman who coaxed us on your first day of school and waited for us as we came off the bus. Someone […]

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