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Halfway is Not Nearly Enough

I delivered our first son on Halloween, the day AFTER his due date. I had been dilated to a 3 for weeks and the doctor was sure that I would deliver a good two weeks early. (Side note: If you are an obstetrician and you happen to be reading this, please never tell a woman […]

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Categorical Changes

(Note: This is the second post in our series dedicated to Prematurity Awareness Day; to read the other posts in this series, click here.) During our routine twenty-week sonogram with our first pregnancy, we learned that we were expecting twins. This revelation meant the end of a “normal” and the beginning of a “high risk” pregnancy which […]

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My kids DON’T NEED a HOT mom

The recent HOT topic about the mom who posted a picture showing off her post-babies bod has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks. The changes my body is going through while being pregnant with my third child, to both my joy and dismay, have brought her story to my attention again. In […]

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Thirteen Weeks

I started the day seated on our toddler-sized potty chair and puking into the cold toilet. The bright side? My two-and-a-half-year-old’s buns have been nowhere near the strategically placed chair, so it’s been unused (and we can pretend, germ-free) for over a year now. Apparently, my already-pooching tummy hadn’t gotten the memo that we’re at […]

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I’m pregnant! Can I workout?

As soon as I get pregnant, the first question most people who know me ask is, “how much longer are you going to workout?” If I’m honest, this question makes me crazy; but I usually smile and say, “as long as my midwife says it’s okay” (which is true). The frequency of this question and […]

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silent grief

                    Next week will mark the day I’ve been dreading for nine months. It’s the day I was supposed to be meeting our second baby. Instead, my first ultrasound last March confirmed a baby but no heartbeat. A few weeks later, I went into the hospital […]

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The Waiting Room

We announced to our family and friends on May 5th of this year that we are deciding to grow our family through adoption.  On June 3rd, we published our online adoption profile and told the world about our search for a little girl.  By June 11th, we had over 2,000 page views on our profile, […]

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I’m Holding Pregnancy Responsible

Note: This post is the second in our three-part “Labor of Love” series. Join us in a couple of weeks as we close out this series with Bridget’s birth story! My husband, Josh thinks it would be funny if a book were written about things that are only acceptable to say or do when pregnant. […]

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Missing Someone That You’ve Never Met – An Adoption Follow Along

I have always wanted a large family. Growing up with only two first cousins, I was envious of others that attended yearly family reunions and had thirteen cousins at their birthday parties. The dream of my own personal zoo train full of children was crushed after three extremely difficult pregnancies, each of which ended in […]

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