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We Rock the Spectrum

Indoor Fun at We Rock the Spectrum

This post is sponsored by We Rock the Spectrum – Kansas City. However, all opinions are those of the contributor who wrote them.Parents everywhere are always searching for a place to play with their children. Somewhere that gets the family out of the house, but without breaking the bank; provides a safe environment, but still […]

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When Developmental Milestones Aren't Met

When Developmental Milestones Aren’t Met

“Skill not mastered.” Those were the words used to kindly tell me that my son isn’t meeting the developmental milestones he should be at nearly 16-months old. His new daycare teacher had completed his 1-year evaluation and slipped it in his backpack. Consistently Cruising/Pulling Up — Skill Not Mastered Walking Unassisted — Skill Not Mastered […]

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Help Needed

Having twins is crazy, mesmerizing, beautiful and unexplainable. Also, overwhelmingly hard. You work constantly, as a mother, to make sure each individual boy knows how very unique and special he is. All the while knowing how many countless ways they are very much the same. Same birthday. Same gender. Same wiggly teeth. Same hair. Same […]

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So, You’re Facing a Major Diagnosis

Two short months ago, my baby received a Major Diagnosis (capital letters necessary). We took him to the hospital for croup. We brought him home with a diagnosis of left parietal encephalomalacia due to prenatal stroke, craniosynostosis, hemiplegia, hypertonia, and, eventually, cerebral palsy. Worst surprise ever? Worst surprise ever. I don’t claim to be an […]

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