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Daycare Parking Lot Drama

As a working mom, mornings can feel like a sprinted marathon that I must complete within a specific window of time: daycare drop off at between 8:30-8:45, me getting to work by 9. Usually, I’m barely finishing without collapsing. That’s why the daycare drop-off is KEY in getting to work on time. But sometimes, it […]

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A March Madness of Our Own

March Madness is rearing its head in more ways than one. From Oregon upsetting Kansas to the UConn women continuing their crazy winning streak, to beginning my second tennis season as head coach, accepting a new job beginning next August, selling our home, purchasing a new home 30 miles away, enrolling our oldest in kindergarten, our […]

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Budgeting on a Limited Income

Budgeting on a Limited Income

Budgeting has always been a priority for my husband and I.  We graduated from college in 2008 and 2009. The economy was trashed. Finding a job, any job, was a miracle.  Keeping that job was even more impressive.  Both my husband and I have experienced bouts of unemployment in our early careers, and it has influenced […]

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Why I Can't Lean Out

Why I Can’t Lean Out

Lean out? I’d do it in a heartbeat.  No, seriously. I’d say goodbye to co-workers, adult conversations in the break room, projects and emails and a steady paycheck if it meant I could be a stay-at-home mom. It’s all I ever really wanted to do – be a mom and stay home and raise the kids. […]

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Dr. Pallotto

Meet Dr. Jean Pallotto, Neonatologist at Children’s Mercy

Kansas City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Children’s Mercy on a six-part series featuring working moms at Children’s Mercy.Dr. Jean Pallotto is a neonatologist who delivers and treats babies in a variety of high-risk situations. She is the Medical Director of the Children’s Mercy Intensive Care Nursery and also serves as a professor […]

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"If we're in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time."  ~Winnie The Pooh

Mastering My Mompreneur Skills

First of all, who are these Mompreneurs? We balance the role of being a mother while being an entrepreneur. Therefore, we are mompreneurs.  There is quite a debate over the term Mompreneurs because it can be demeaning. For the sake of my loving message below, I am referring to kick-butt mommies bringing their dreams to life for all the world to see. […]

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Dr. Donna Pacicca

Meet Dr. Donna Pacicca – Children’s Mercy Surgeon, Band Mom

Kansas City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Children’s Mercy on a six-part series featuring working moms at Children’s Mercy. Dr. Donna Pacicca is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, most often treating kids with sports-related injuries. Originally from New York, Dr. Pacicca started both her career and her family in Boston. Her clinical research focuses […]

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working and parenting

Working, Parenting and All the Explaining

I work part-time as a marketing specialist in the financial services industry, and I recently transitioned from working five days a week to four so I could have more time at home with my 2-year-old daughter. My colleagues are mostly men (whose wives are stay-at-home moms); and of the few women I work with, none […]

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