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baby fair

Baby Fairs: A Pregnant Mom’s Heaven

In anticipation of this spring’s opening of The Birth Place, featuring a Level II NICU, we have partnered with Olathe Medical Center and local mom, Sarah, to document her pregnancy and birth journey in this new space. Do you remember those huge catalogs you’d get in the mail? My sisters and I would get so […]

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The Price of Sleep

Sleep is precious. And in my case, sleep is expensive! I cringe at the amount of money I have spent on various products that just might help my kid sleep. Keyword is might. At 2:30 in the morning, I’m willing to try anything to help a baby sleep. Any sort of gadget that may have […]

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My Mommy Sense is Tingling: A Mother’s Complete Guide to Synesthesia

Fox is hard-left; spoon is soft-right. Mackenzie is orange; Amanda is lavender. And if you were to even suggest that a word might be hard-RIGHT or soft-LEFT, well, my goodness. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. It actually makes me physically uncomfortable. (It was an interesting semester the year my mischievous sixth grade students learned […]

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Why I Hired a Doula

Choosing a doula was the first thing I did, as we prepared to move from the UK to the US at 8 months pregnant. A deliberate choice in my quest for the perfect birth story. What happened is, in hindsight, predictable – an imperfect birth story where the protagonist gets what she needed but not […]

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What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

We’ve all been there. A few weeks post partum, finally brave enough to tackle a “quick” Target trip away from the baby. Feeling quite proud of yourself for not completely melting down, the woman checking you out innocently asks “Oh! When are you due?” As if pregnancy isn’t hard enough, comments from strangers – OK […]

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