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Kindergarten is Hard … on Me

Preschool to kindergarten is a tough transition. It means less sleep, less freedom and less family time. It also means more work, more rules and more distance between friends in different school districts. It’s a major change that is bound to cause some tears and frustration. And yeah, I guess it’s also hard for the […]

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The Friendship Budget

Life as a parent is full of changes. I talk about poop a lot now. I consider the opportunity to go to bed at 10 p.m. a true luxury. I’m a constant watchman for BPA, soy additives, and any other number of carcinogens, in anything and everything. But one of the biggest ways my life […]

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lonely mom life

When Mom Life Feels Lonely

When you’re a mom, especially to littles, you’re never really alone. Even bathroom breaks aren’t solo experiences, and if you think for a moment that it is, the silence is interrupted by a tiny hand pounding on the door. Despite this “never alone” kind of situation we find ourselves in, it’s still quite possible to […]

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What About Dad?

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). BBM (Building Better Moms).   Mommy and Me.   Johnson County Moms.   Northland Moms.   Kansas City Moms Blog.   And the list goes on and on for groups and resources available for Kansas City moms. What is missing from the list above? D-A-D.  Seriously, what about dad? I know […]

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Revolving House Playgroup

Five boys happily, yet crazily run around my house. Around and around. Tromping upstairs. Turn around! Back downstairs. Hurry! They disappear into the back yard. They’re all clad in turtle shells and capes holding Nerf guns, weapons and anything else they can use for strict super hero communication purposes.  I love their noises. Their screams. […]

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Why Open Adoption?

Why Open Adoption?

On Tuesday nights you can find me in front of the television watching the new hit show on NBC, This Is Us. An emotional family drama, This Is Us has been the perfect solution for my post-Parenthood withdrawals. Relatable characters, heart warming family dynamics, and the crazy plot twists? I’m in! As an adoptive parent myself, […]

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When You're Not Part of a Village

When You’re Not Part of a Village

Village (and tribe) posts seem to be all the rage right now on social media. Have you noticed that? Clever memes, heartfelt blog posts, post from media outlets, and friends sharing stories and photos of their own “village” or “tribe” out for an evening, hanging out at a park together, sitting on someone’s back deck, […]

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I'm Not the Best Mom

I’m Not the Best Mom

A couple of days ago I had what some might call an “off day.” I’d call it a total cluster of insanity! I was throwing together sandwiches and snacks for the kids to eat in the car on the way to soccer practice, I was on the phone with my editor who needed a project […]

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