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Encapsulating My Placenta

Encapsulating My Placenta

Two years ago, I fought a nasty battle with postpartum depression. I lost myself completely, missed out on major milestones of my son’s life and nearly took my own. When the fog of postpartum depression finally lifted, I swore I would never put my family or myself through that hell again, yet a year later, I […]

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The Crunchy Pendulum: Where I Finally Landed

Crunchy, adjective – Having a healthy diet and way of living; natural; earthy My journey down the “crunchy” rabbit hole started with a set of plastic spoons given to me at a baby shower. Everything else I received that day, from pacifiers to sippy cups, proudly boasted “BPA Free” on the packaging. This unassuming little package of spoons did not. I was curious. I naively […]

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