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10 Ways to Fail at Doing Laundry

Everybody wants to share a little (complicated) secret on how to succeed, organize and conquer those mundane household chores. Not me. I want you to feel good about failing. Doing the laundry can be downright heinous and a real cuss word. I want you to know that you’re not alone. We’ve all mildewed towels. THE […]

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Parenthood Outnumbered

We welcomed baby number three this past July.  As you can guess, there was lots of input and advice from everyone about how to handle officially being outnumbered as parents. Yes, it was true that man-to-man defense would no longer be an option. We were officially moving to zone defense, whether we liked it or not. […]

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My Top Five Simple Sanity Savers

Alright ladies, tell me: Is there anything better than figuring out a new system, tip, or trick that makes your life so much easier?! I know we’ve all got them, and they are different for each family and likely for each season of life as well. Right now ,we are in a particularly busy, hands-on […]

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