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The Seven Year Itch?

My husband and I recently celebrated seven years of marriage. Of course we’ve been together longer than that, but passing the seven year mark of being lawfully wed seems somewhat significant. I think it’s that old “seven year itch” phrase that implies happiness declines after that. While I hope that won’t be the case for us […]

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KC in Love

How Will You Spread the Love, KC?

Whether you adore or abhor Valentine’s Day, there’s no question that America needs a day devoted to love now more than ever. Polarizing politics have created negativity and hate, and Valentine’s Day is a day to put that aside and show the love. It’s the perfect time to get the kids involved in acts of kindness, […]

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Making Kansas City Home

When my husband and I were married over six years ago we did a little tree planting during our ceremony. It was a symbol of our new budding life together as one. We took that tree and planted it in the yard of the first house we bought together in Utah. For five years, we lived […]

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Our Journey Through the Five Love Languages

Our Journey Through The 5 Love Languages

Relationships are hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s date #3 or 10 years after saying, “I do,” choosing to love someone and spend every day by his or her side does not always come easy. Add children into the mix and the word “hard” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Date nights have now turned […]

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thermostat battles

Thermostat Battles

I think my husband is a grizzly bear. And I’m not just talking about his snoring or the way he hibernates in his man cave for what seems like days on end. I’m talking about heat retention. You can see the difference in our temperature preferences in many ways: I want to go on a […]

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5 Tips for Surviving the Man Flu

5 Tips for Surviving the Man Flu

Like all mothers, I hate to see my children sick. Every year I dread flu season and do everything I can to help my kids avoid the awful sickies that seem to be lurking around every corner. Obsessive hand-washing, vitamins, essential oils…you name it, we probably do it. Yet we still manage to get the bug at least once […]

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Five Parenting Tips for the Uncoupled or Divorced

5 Parenting Tips for the Uncoupled or Divorced

The divorce rate is going down, but so is the marriage rate. More couples are having children as non-married partners. I’m a professional counselor (…substitute “therapist,” “shrink,” “talk doc”), and many of my clients are shocked to find out that I’ve been married, divorced and remarried. My coparent and I manage to attend events together with […]

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