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Dear Presley

Dear Presley, I was 29 and struggling when we met. I thought maybe you could help me through some lonely nights and be someone I could focus my love toward. I’ll never forget picking you up from the lady’s house. You had these sad, droopy eyes that I just couldn’t resist. You threw up 10 […]

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When Guinea Pigs Die

When Guinea Pigs Die

Our guinea pigs died this November. On election day. Crazy, right? If it had been any other random day in November, I surely would not have remembered the date. People have laughed when I told them that the pigs went from happily sleeping and eating the day before to dying the next. On election day.  My […]

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puppy and toddler

5 Tips for Raising a Puppy and Toddler

I guess it should have occurred to me when breeders would stop taking my calls after I let slip we had an 18 month old, that puppies and toddlers are not a good combination. I guess I also should have listened when seasoned dog owners politely suggested I get an older dog as a first […]

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What I've Learned From My Furry First Child

What I’ve Learned From My Furry First Child

Her name is Maddie, and my husband and I adopted her from an animal shelter the year after we were married. I saw her photo online, a pathetic looking little thing with two different colored eyes and ears that didn’t know they were supposed to stand upright. The shelter had named her Wilma – a […]

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