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seeing green

Seeing Green

This morning my daughter and I were snuggling in her bed, talking about whatever it is that three year olds talk about at 6:30 in the morning, when she piped up with the words that broke my working mom heart: “Mama, I don’t want to go to school. I just want to be home with […]

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Be Fancy AND Frugal with Craigslist!

When I decided to quit working and stay home with my children, I knew it would be necessary for me to contribute to our family in a different way. Like most stay-at-home moms, I did not choose this lifestyle because we were making too much money as a dual-income household. In fact, a large part […]

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A Daily Schedule: My Sanity is Worth It

Most days, I can guarantee some sort of routine in our household. Let’s be honest, I’m Type A and I function better with a set schedule and mama is gonna pass that on to her kids. I envy people that can fly by the seat of their pants and go with the flow. I try […]

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When Daddy Works From Home

When Daddy Works From Home

Many modern families are migrating toward new and unique ways to manage a work/life balance. The old-fashioned view of a working family structure, where dad kisses his wife on his way off to work while mom stays behind and looks after the kids, in many ways, is still prevalent as the ideal functioning family in […]

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Résumés for Moms: Handling an Employment Gap

Even with the many opportunities afforded to women in the workforce, the decisions we face surrounding motherhood and career can be quite complicated. One such decision for many women is whether to continue working in a formal capacity once they have children. For a variety of reasons, many professional women are stepping away from the […]

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