Help! I’m in a Hair Funk

This post is sponsored by Beauty Brands. However, opinions belong to the writer.Ok mommas, lets get real for a moment. I have not cut my hair in six months. It’s not because I haven’t tried. I tried numerous times. It was usually was put on the back burner because something came up  – work, my […]

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Clearing the Clutter

My neighbor is a miracle worker. Like a legit miracle worker. Let me explain. Whenever I go into her house, which is a lot, it always looks so nice and it makes me feel calm. I know that sounds weird but stick with me. I don’t have a designing bone in my body. So I […]

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Estate Plan

Protect Your Family With An Estate Plan

This post is sponsored and written by Heritage Law, LLC. When you are a parent of young children, estate planning isn’t your biggest concern. You are dealing with never-ending laundry, shuttling your kids to and from school, play-dates and appointments, and generally keeping your kids safe from harm. But estate planning should be on your […]

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teddy bear dentist 2

Top Tips for Healthy Smiles

This post is sponsored by Pediatric Smiles Dentistry.When does my toddler really need to go to the dentist? When can they brush on their own? Do sweet snacks really hurt?  If your house is anything like mine, getting teeth brushed every night is enough of a battle without considering all the other care that needs […]

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Cruisin’ with Mickey

Last summer, my parents took my family on a Disney Cruise. My kids were at great ages for Disney – 6 and 8, and my parents wanted to do Disney with the kids…without having to actually “do” Disney with the kids. My parents aren’t amusement park people. And while Disney World and Disneyland are hardly […]

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Thrifting for Kids' Clothes

Pop Some Tags: Thrifting Kids’ Clothing

When I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband and I read the book Redefining Girly (and have since recommended it to every parent we know, including you!). One section of the book I found particularly resonate highlights the ways in which girls’ clothing can dictate their behavior, the types of activities in which they […]

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The Year That Tried to Break Us

  Dear 2017, You tried your best. You really did. You tried with all of your might to break us. I give you an abundance of credit, you threw at our marriage more than a fair share of trials and tribulations. I mean, you were just a terrible year. I won’t drink your wine, I […]

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