Sneaky Veggies

Sneaky Veggies

My kid loves to eat. He is a developing foodie with a bottomless pit for a stomach and an obsession with fruit. Where he lacks an appetite is when it comes to veggies. He will usually eat broccoli and carrots without needing them hidden, i.e. steamed broccoli or roasted carrots. Other than that, he pretty […]

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Gentle-ish Reminders for Your Friends Who Misuse Car Seats

  Hey friends, I know this is not for you. You all read your manuals and checked the updated AAP, CDC, and NHTSA safety guidelines for proper child restraint use. And with that knowledge, I’m sure that you too have noticed a friend or relative, through a photo on Facebook or before your very eyes, […]

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How to Talk to Children About Death

As I was wrapping up this blog submission, the news flashed across my screen: another school shooting. Admittedly I was taken aback, again. I was shocked, heartbroken, furious, and instantly devastated for the families involved. No matter how many times the news shares about this ugly reality in our country, I am gut-wrenched thinking about […]

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forgive yourself momma

Forgive Yourself, Momma

Today.  Today I was a bad mom.  I screamed. I yelled. I threatened. I gave second… and third… and fourth chances.  I slammed doors. I argued.  Time-out didn’t help.  I held them. I laid with them. I rubbed their backs. I played with their hair. I sang songs. I read books. I danced. I lost […]

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The 2018 Guide to Pediatric Health in Kansas City

The providers you trust with your child's health - whether it's the pediatrician or dentist you visit regularly, or the services you need during special seasons or situations, you want someone you can trust. Our readers often ask for recommendations for mom-approved pediatricians, dentists and other kids health providers. Together with Overland Park Regional Medical [...]
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james glasses

My Kiddo Got Glasses. Now What?

My three-year-old son just got glasses. I pitched this blog to our editor thinking “oh I can write a great, informative blog about what to do when a toddler gets glasses. It will be very helpful to other parents.” HAHAHAHA.  The truth is this is a lot harder than I expected. I don’t wear glasses, […]

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The Third Baby Debate

It’s true, plane rides, hotel rooms and restaurants are made for families of four. With two little ones, I have firsthand experience. There’s one arm for each kid to cuddle against during morning cartoons. I can focus on quality over quantity most days. My husband and I are playing man-to-man defense rather than zone to […]

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Time for a First Checkup

This post is sponsored by Pediatric Smiles Dentistry, a new pediatric dentist office, located in the Northland.My daughter is 22 months old and attached to her pacifier. She barely opens her mouth for me to brush her teeth. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to her first dental checkup. I was actually pretty panicked […]

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Unschooling | Kansas City Moms Blog

What About Calculus? Why We’re Unschooling

Now, before I begin, I’d like it noted that the following opinions are not an indictment of public, private, or otherwise more traditional schools. Both my parents are educators – my dad was even the superintendent of schools where I grew up. My husband and I met during teacher training. I taught third grade in […]

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During the Waiting

I have a picture of myself as a four-year-old with a white dish cloth draped on my head and secured in place with plastic pop beads. With plastic flowers in my hand, I’m walking dramatically slow on the plastic floor cover in my grandparents house pretending it’s the aisle of a church. The Beach Boys […]

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Co-Parenting Don’ts

Co-parenting. It’s not really a situation anyone ever dreams of finding themselves in. To my knowledge, no one gets married, has kids, and then gets divorced, only to rejoice in finding themselves learning to navigate the murky waters of co-parenting. Co-parenting means that this person, with whom you used to share your life but no […]

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