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Reasons Why We’re Crying: KCMB Toddlers Talk

All I’m trying to do is enjoy my life. Get through the day with the least amount of discomfort as possible.  Sure, I know they’ll make me get dressed, bathed, and eat. And these things are necessary… I guess. But I should have some say in how it’s all done, right? They don’t know how difficult […]

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Summer Goals

The countdown is on! 7 ½ days! That’s it! And no…I’m not referring to the upcoming Royal Wedding (although I’m counting down to that too, and my DVR is already set). The paper chain in my classroom says it all – I only have 7 ½ more days of school! And while I have had […]

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Bugs, No More!

The post is sponsored by Norman’s Pest Control, however opinion’s belong to the writer. I don’t do well with bugs. Whether they creep, scatter or fly, they make my skin crawl! As my toddler would say, “No, yuck!”   So if I’m going to have to deal with them, and least I get to work with the […]

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Guide to Women's Health (2)

Women’s Health Guide

From conception to postpartum, pregnancy to menopause, women's healthcare needs are varied. Our readers often ask for recommendations for mom-approved providers that will help them keep their health a priority. Together with HCA Midwest Health, we hope this guide will help you find good partners for your own health and wellbeing. To inquire about including [...]
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Becoming Mothers…Together

I became a mother on the exact same day as one of my closest friends! Exact. Same. Friggin. Day. It’s been three and a half years and I still can’t quite get over it. Honestly, it blows my mind every time I think about it. I mean, seriously. Becoming a mother was something so beautiful […]

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