high-risk pregnancy

Why You Should See a Specialist Obstetrician for a High-Risk Pregnancy

This post is written and sponsored by Kansas City Ob/Gyn.A high-risk pregnancy refers to a type of pregnancy that requires special care in order to have a successful delivery. This kind of pregnancy is often associated with factors such as chronic illnesses or other conditions that put your pregnancy at risk. Also, note that you […]

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age 40

This is 40

Gather around friends, let’s get real. Why didn’t someone warn me about the things that happen after turning 40? OK, OK, someone probably did. But when you are the midst of your youth and think that life will never sneak up on you…. you apparently don’t pay attention. Why, why didn’t I pay attention? Is […]

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year round swim lessons

Water Is Year-Round. Swim Lessons Should Be, Too.

This post is sponsored and written by Aqua-Tots Olathe.When the Autumn temperatures drop, the leaves begin to fall and the sunlight hours dwindle, you can be sure that your choices for physical activity do as well.  Many families choose this season to re-prioritize the necessity of swim safety, treating swimming as a summer-only activity. However, […]

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mom guilt

15 Surefire Ways to Fight Mom Guilt

You know how moms are supposed to have it all, do it all, be it all or feel wracked with guilt?  But also how we’re supposed to sacrifice something we have/do/are (our job, staying home, self-care, time away, etc..) for our children or feel wracked with guilt? What if I told you those two things […]

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last name

Sorry About That Last Name, Kids!

Alright kids, now that you’ve perfected spelling your first names with most of the letters facing the right direction, I’ve got some bad news. You know that funny name that I recorded each of you attempting to say around age two or three? Well, that’s part of your name, too. And not only will you […]

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I’m A Girl Mom – What I Want You To Know

“Dad, do you have a lot of girls on your side of the family?”said the technician during our 20-week anatomy scan with our third pregnancy. I knew it right at that moment. We were indeed having our third girl. Emotions flooded me. A third little princess in the house! Are we ready for this? More […]

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Be Nice, Work Hard, Take Care of Each Other

I have been a teacher at my school since it opened in 2003 (yikes!). Our principal has been there since we opened as well. For as long as I can remember, he’s been ending the morning announcements with these words every single day – “Be nice. Work hard. Take care of each other today.” But […]

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No Shoes Allowed feature

No Shoes Allowed: A Cultural Dilemma

I enjoy a new idea– both the thinking of and stealing. I would argue my *own* best idea to date has been elevator buttons being “un-pushable.” (Accidentally pushed the wrong floor? Unpush that baby!) The best idea I’ve stolen was from my Japanese friend Misa. When she welcomed me into her household, I was sold […]

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potty training

Potty Pressure

I have no idea what I’m doing.  Google says the average boy is potty trained by 39 months. That makes us officially one month behind. And counting. We’ve got a long way to go.  I guess I screwed up the first part. We bought a little potty a year ago, and regularly encouraged him to use it. But we […]

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love language

The Love Language Struggle

When I was first introduced the the idea of love languages I assumed it was some book that old married couples read to figure out how to communicate. Young and naive I scoffed at the idea of ever having to know and understand what they mean. Now I’m obsessed. OK maybe obsessed is a strong […]

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