Thank You from the 2014 Mother of the Year

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Dear KCMB Readers,

This note of gratitude is being written on behalf of 2014’s Mom of the Year, Maggie Sabato – my Mom!

Maggie, and her daughter, Stephanie, who nominated her for the KCMB 2014 Mother of the Year award.

Maggie, and her daughter, Stephanie, who nominated her for the KCMB 2014 Mother of the Year award.

As it was shared in my nomination for Mom last year, she has been thriving over 12 years with a rare abdominal cancer. Over this year Mom’s health has continued to decline as a result of long-term chemotherapy. This is course is the same therapy that has allowed her a full life over these years. Unfortunately it has now begun to take its toll on her body. Mom’s faith and spirit are as rich and full as ever, and no doubt the reason she is still with us.

For this reason, Mom has not been able to enjoy the many gifts given to her as awards. Instead Mom gifted these to others for their enjoyment. The truth is that Mom’s greatest reward was being nominated, for it allowed her to see in plain black and white how much she has meant to my sister, Cecily, and myself!

The privilege of being Mom of the Year she accepted rather humbly truly believing that the other 2014 nominated Moms were all so deserving of the crown. In fact, as Maggie stated on the TV interview, “All moms deserve to be called Mom of the Year.”

Over the past three weeks Maggie has been hospitalized, and has had some very low points in her health. We are all very grateful for the medical professionals who have worked so diligently to support Mom through this medical crisis. It is understandable that medical workers objectify individuals while clinically treating the various systems of the body. But this all changed, became personalized and individualized, when I told a nurse that Mom was 2014 KC Mother of the Year. She wanted to know more. She said we treat our patients – they come and go – but we don’t really have a chance to get to know them.

The next day I returned with a print out of Kansas City Moms Blog nomination letter, and screen shots of the Fox 4 News Interview. I shared a copy at the nurses’ station, and have taped up these pages up on a wall of Mom’s room. Result: Many lively and personal conversations between Mom and all her doctors, nurses, aids, therapists, etcetera. And guess what? Mom has steadily grown stronger and stronger since that day!

Thank you Kansas City Moms Blog for the greatest gift of all! Supporting and celebrating all moms! Thank you for this wonderful award that allows people to acknowledge their special Mom. And thank you for allowing my Mom, Maggie Sabato, to be recognized for the great Mom, woman, person she is!

I would like everyone to know that I discussed this letter with my Mom, and she has given her seal of approval to share this with all of you. Maggie is deeply appreciative for the ways that this special memory has been such morale booster over this challenging year.

Very truly yours,

Stephanie Nuria Sabato


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