3 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Presents Pop

Nothing says, “I care about you,” quite like spending a few extra minutes wrapping a gift. Most of us are struggling to find a few extra minutes, though, in the festive-filled holiday rush. Lucky for us, it doesn’t take long to put a little pop in your presents this year.


Washi Tape is a quick and easy way to decorate plain wrapping paper.

Washi Tape
This craft craze has hit the gift-wrapping world. With inspiration from Brit + Co, I ordered some Washi Tape and gave it a whirl. I could have taped all day, it was such fun. Washi Tape is forgiving of mistakes and comes in many mix and matchable prints. Bonus: no need to fuss with making a bow!


Kids’ artwork is the perfect way to personalize grandparent gifts.

Kids’ Coloring
Grab butcher paper, wrapping paper, or even the brown paper included in Amazon delivery boxes. Let the kids color away to create one-of-a-kind wrapping paper. Grandparents especially appreciate this extra touch.


Handmade or store-bought ornaments give packages a professional feel.

Antique Ornaments
Use handmade family ornaments or antique shop finds to easily up your wrapping game. We’re fortunate enough to have a box of ornaments made by great-grandma. They provide a warm touch to family gifts.

Maybe I’m the only one, but wrapping gifts isn’t just another item on my to do list. It’s a creative outlet – a way to unplug and destress from the holiday bustle. Perhaps it can be the same for you too.

May your holiday be filled with peace, joy, and at least one thoughtfully wrapped gift.

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