5 Must-Haves for a Great College Send-Off (as seen on Fox 4)

collegeFrom the first day we send them to kindergarten with lunch bags grasped firmly by tiny little hands to the day we proudly watch them walk across the commencement stage, we devote a significant amount of thought, time, and resources toward making sure our kids’ school days run smoothly, their desks and lockers are fully stocked, and their days are filled with a love of learning. When college arrives, the shopping lists may change, but parents’ concerns are very much the same. Will they have what they need? Will they be comfortable? Will they miss us (unfortunately, this one can’t be solved by a trip to the supply store). For those comfort items that we can control, there are a few must-haves that will make the transition from home-to-dorm easier … for everyone involved.

Clever Crates Folding Utility Boxes

Stock ‘em. Stack ‘em. Store ‘em. These boxes are, as the name suggests, clever. With an easy one-two-three, the lightweight crates collapse when not needed to allow for efficient storage. Perfect for hauling items to the dorm room, storing things in a not-so-spacious closet, and hiding away when not needed, Clever Crates are a great item to add to any campus shopping list.  Also great for playrooms, kids’ bedrooms (think under-the-bed storage), and even a handy item to keep in the trunk of the car, these clever crates will earn anyone an “A” in organization. ($11.99-$19.99)

Clever Crates Basket 1


If you’ve ever wished that it was acceptable to wear your slippers everywhere, this is the product for you. This first and only neoprene footwear on the market is waterproof, stretchy, and comfortable, and its soles are skid-proof and sturdy enough to wear on those long walks across campus. Perfect for college kids and anybody on-the-go, these shoes are so reasonably priced that you’ll want to get a pair in every color. ($9.99)

Nufoot Low Res 4

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine

New parents have long been fans of white noise machines, their soothing sounds working magic on newborns. Because college dorms aren’t known for being the quietest of places to study sometimes, this white noise machine is also the perfect addition to any dorm room. Its small and compact design, with patent pending technology that provides 10 sound options, a wide sound range and adjustability more than double other products on the market, and strong 3” speakers means there’s a soothing sound for everyone at any age. ($49.99)

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine Low Res 2

Sachi Fashion Lunch Handbags

What appears to be a stylish and functional handbag hides a clever little secret. Insulated lining transforms this tote into the perfect lunch handbag, keeping food the right temperature until class schedules allow for a lunch break. Easy to clean with a quick wipe of the inside, the handles fold down to allow for efficient storage in the refrigerator or out of sight when it’s not in use. And, with a range of design options, there’s a color and style for every fashionista – on-campus or off. ($9.99-$25.99)

Sachi 70 Low Res

Sound Oasis Pillow Speakers

Ultra thin and lightweight, these high-fidelity speakers transform an ordinary pillow into a personalized surround sound system. A 73-inch cord can plug into any 3.5 mm compatible iPod, MP3 player, iPhone, or music source of choice, and can be placed underneath a pillow or inside its core based on sound preference. Great for blocking out the noise of a dorm, these pillow speakers make sure that college students get the rest they need so they can conquer those classes. ($22.99)

Pillow speakers


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