A House Divided

Not every family has a black sheep, but mine does. Me.

I was born into a K-State home. My dad, aunts, cousins. Even as we moved around the country and far away from home, our wardrobes were full of purple and our hearts were back in Kansas. Which is why, when it came time to apply for college, it was assumed that I’d be on my way to Manhattan. But, I didn’t even apply. No, I headed off to Des Moines, Iowa to become a Drake Bulldog. Because Des Moines held opportunities that Manhattan did not.

And, I must say, I look good in blue.K-State | Kansas City Moms Blog

I eventually met a Wildcat. Then, I married him. A Wildcat who comes from a long line of Wildcats.

A Wildcat who supported me through three years at KU’s School of Law during our early years of marriage.

So, when we announced that we were expecting, the big question on everyone’s mind wasn’t “boy or girl?” It was “will the baby be a Wildcat, a Bulldog or a Jayhawk?”

I found myself quickly fighting a losing battle. Onesies. Pacifiers. Stuffed animals. Even the bags that they were gifted in. Purple.

Thus, our first rule was instituted. For every K-State item that the baby receives, he must also receive a Drake or KU item. Both parents have to get equal representation.

This new rule had two interesting consequences. The first: my husband got out my wallet and told me to buy as much Drake stuff as I wanted. The second: we started receiving far less K-State swag. To the point that our little man found himself without anything purple to wear at his school’s Spirit Day.

We’re better about keeping up with our school swag these days.

We lived quite blissfully until the 2016 football season started. The weekly revelry for my husband’s alma mater directly correlated with the increase in smack talking.

Thus, the second rule was born. No smack talk.

This one is tough. Especially when sitting at family dinner on the holidays or participating in a group text to coordinate game watching plans.

Besides, smack talk isn’t necessary. Because, rule three: it all comes down to a little healthy competition.

Despite the masses pushing purple, my kid prefers bulldogs and the color blue.

Excuse me while this black sheep brushes the dirt off of her shoulder.

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