The April Giraffe Fiasco is Finally Over (So, What’s Next?)

The last two months of  many (probably way too many) people’s lives have been filled with live feeds of April the giraffe and a will-she, won’t-she vibe. It seemed like every other day some “expert” or “specialist” was guaranteeing she would go into labor or have her baby soon. And after several weeks of constant trending and false “it’s happenings,” she finally did give birth over Easter weekend, on April 15.  

There were a lot of mixed feelings over the live feed of April during her pregnancy and birth process. Some people were ecstatic to be watching, others thought it was ridiculous and some felt it was an over-the-top invasion of privacy. Regardless of how you may have felt about it, the journey has finally come to an end, and April delivered a healthy baby boy at Harpursville, NY’s Animal Adventure Park, where mate and father, Oliver, also resides.

YouTube, Toys”R”Us

News started buzzing around 7 to 8 a.m.

Her birth process actually went pretty fast. 

And by 9 a.m., she’d delivered.

She delivered an adorable, wobbly baby boy, and regardless of how much you hated the hype, that baby giraffe is cute. However, we’re on to the next waiting game now, as the zoo has decided to hold a public call to name April’s baby at $1 per submission with a five-submission minimum.

There seems to be a ton of buzz around the new name as well – with names like Unity, Noah and even Ollie, after dad, thrown in the mix. To be honest, this probably leaves a lot of people wondering, “Does it ever end?”

My answer is probably not, but in the meantime, you can check out the top names for April the giraffe so far because they’re kind of cute, too. 

What did you think of the whole pregnancy hype? Did you try to catch it live? And do you have a good name in mind or are you completely over it by now?

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