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Kid-Friendly Winter Drinks

I love a hot chocolate packet, don’t get me wrong, but by mid-January I’ve reached my instant hot chocolate threshold. To spice things up, my kids and I tried a few warm winter drink recipes: vanilla milk, healthy hot chocolate and homemade apple cider. The [not very scientific] results are in. Meet The Tasters: Mom: I didn’t last […]

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Allow Yourself the Fresh Start: New Year’s Resolutions

  I love a fresh start. The newly opened crayons at the beginning of the school year. The carefully vacuumed carpet in a new home. The hip new hairdo after chopping off lifeless locks. Fresh starts feel good. They carry with them the hope that things will improve. I will be better than I have been before. Wiser. […]

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Three Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Presents Pop

3 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Presents Pop

Nothing says, “I care about you,” quite like spending a few extra minutes wrapping a gift. Most of us are struggling to find a few extra minutes, though, in the festive-filled holiday rush. Lucky for us, it doesn’t take long to put a little pop in your presents this year. Washi Tape This craft craze has hit the gift-wrapping […]

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5 Quick Tips For Playroom Organization

I’m the kind of dork who has systems, checklists and protocols for all aspects of my life. My boys’ playroom is no exception. Maybe I’m too much of a stickler, but I would argue that my kids play with more gusto when their playroom is organized. They take pride in accessing their favorite toys by themselves, and I […]

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Best Indoor Play Spaces in Kansas City

Before long, the crisp fall breeze will transition into bitter winter bluster, but don’t feel trapped inside watching endless episodes of Daniel Tiger. I’ve scoured the city, two tots in tow, for the best indoor play spaces. Let’s toss on our parkas and meet up, Mamas! Best Class: Gymboree Gymboree offers music and art classes, but most folks prefer their Play and […]

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10 Tips for Moving with Toddlers

10 Tips For Moving With Toddlers

Moving with two toddlers is no picnic. Scratch that, it’s lots of picnics, on paper plates, with plastic silverware, in kitchens walled by boxes. We relocated to Kansas to raise our kids closer to extended family. Thank goodness we have wonderful family members, because two moves in one year with two kids under three was all kinds of […]

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RIE: The Most Surprising Parenting Advice That Works

I’m far from a perfect parent. But the days I get it right, I owe a lot to RIE. RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers, pronounced “wry”) receives plenty of attention for discouraging sippy cups, jumperoos, and high chairs, all of which I use in spades. Maybe with more experience, I’d be able to avoid those contraptions, but […]

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A KC Mom's Guide to a Weekend in St. Louis

A KC Mom’s Guide to a Weekend in St. Louis

As summer break nears its abrupt end, the cries of Kansas City parents echo through the streets, “But we never squeezed in a summer vacation!” Fret not. Four hours and one state away, St. Louis is the Midwest’s hidden family-friendly vacation destination. Give me three days, and I’ll give you a guaranteed fun-filled stay in The ‘Lou. Drawing upon my […]

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