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The Guilt

It’s not fair. I’m embarrassed to admit how often that thought runs through my head and it has nothing to do with me repeating my kids. It has to do with my husband. Whether it’s right or wrong, so often it feels like he gets to do more kid-free things than I do. Whether it’s […]

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Clearing the Clutter

My neighbor is a miracle worker. Like a legit miracle worker. Let me explain. Whenever I go into her house, which is a lot, it always looks so nice and it makes me feel calm. I know that sounds weird but stick with me. I don’t have a designing bone in my body. So I […]

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A Movie Theater Just for Kids

Going to the movies with your kids can be tricky. You are never quite sure if they’ll sit through the whole thing, if they’ll get antsy or if they’ll just generally be annoying to you and other moviegoers. Enter Shawnee B&B Theatre’s new screenPLAY. This recently renovated theater in western Shawnee now includes a kid-friendly […]

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Word Wars

I do not consider myself a strict parent. I am not above bribing my daughters with cookies to have them get their shoes on and into the car with minimal dilly-dallying. I am fine with staying up a little later than normal if they are finishing a movie or having fun playing with neighbors. In […]

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My (Slightly Offensive) Motto

I’ll cut to the chase. It’s “don’t be a jerk.” So many tense, awkward or otherwise annoying situations could be avoided if people simply chose not to be jerks. Case in point: I’m patiently waiting in line at the Starbucks drive-through like every other currently under-caffeinated Mom when a driver darts in front of me. […]

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Sometimes I Wonder

It was one of those brilliantly sunny evenings when we were all outside, the kids were playing together and my husband and I were able to simply sit at the patio table and watch them. That doesn’t happen very often so I was certainly trying to soak it in for the 7 minutes it lasted […]

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