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Becoming Mothers…Together

I became a mother on the exact same day as one of my closest friends! Exact. Same. Friggin. Day. It’s been three and a half years and I still can’t quite get over it. Honestly, it blows my mind every time I think about it. I mean, seriously. Becoming a mother was something so beautiful […]

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Twin Mom’s Guide to Surviving the First Year

I have to start out by saying this guide isn’t about patting myself on the back because I’m a twin mom and have all the things figured out. Because I sure as heck don’t! Rather, it’s a celebration of sorts—that I get to share with other expecting moms through my own personal experience. For everyone […]

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forgive yourself momma

Forgive Yourself, Momma

Today.  Today I was a bad mom.  I screamed. I yelled. I threatened. I gave second… and third… and fourth chances.  I slammed doors. I argued.  Time-out didn’t help.  I held them. I laid with them. I rubbed their backs. I played with their hair. I sang songs. I read books. I danced. I lost […]

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Keeping Perspective in the Darkness

Another bombing. Another hateful attack on American soil. Another school shooting. Another American soldier treated unfairly. Another hate crime against an innocent party. Another unfair remark from people we’re supposed to respect. Every time I turn on the TV, look at social media, or listen to the radio, someone somewhere is in the middle of a […]

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Did I Love You Enough Today?

There’s no worse feeling than the feeling that you’re not good enough. As your mom, I feel that way sometimes … In my career. As a wife. As your mother. Because there’s only one of me, you know. I get pulled in so many directions. I’m not saying that to sound like a martyr, either. […]

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Them vs. Us: the Bedtime Battle

There is something quite mysterious about bedtime. All of a sudden, your children turn into nighttime assassins–vigorously fighting against the one and only thing that threatens their souls. Bedtime. Does anyone else fight this battle, or is it just me? I mean, seriously. Can we talk about the stages of bedtime? From birth on, kids […]

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Finding Myself Again

All at once, everything crashed. My adrenaline wore off, the baby was here to stay, nobody in the house slept through the night in weeks, I hadn’t showered in an unacceptable amount of time, my eyes had permanent bags, my husband worked the night shift, and I was alone. Even with a baby tethered to […]

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