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Stepping into His Domain

Over the last 13 years of marriage, domains began to form in our home. At some point without even knowing it, there were very clear cut lines for who took care of what. There seemed to be unspoken rules about who was in charge of interior design and who dealt with all things automotive. They […]

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The Un-holiday Holiday

The Un-holiday Holiday

Several Christmases ago as the wrapping paper was getting tossed away and the toys were being assembled, we realized that Jesus was not part of our Christmas morning celebration. At first we thought, “Well, that’s OK, the kids still understand the reason for the season.” Then as we began to reflect, we realized that as […]

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Mother’s Day Done Right!

Being a mother is the most wonderful, exhausting, underappreciated job. You are chef, maid, and doctor all rolled into one. Mom’s are expected to be healer of all things and knower of all things and yet, children hardly ever say thank you. Especially young children. About six years ago my wonderful husband started the most […]

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Whatever Happened to Just Shopping?

As a parent in the age of deliverable groceries and Amazon Prime if I actually end up dragging myself into the store it’s for a purpose. At this point as a seasoned mom, I know the store layouts of many area Targets, my HyVee, and the various clothing stores we frequent. When I walk into […]

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When Mama Needs a Nap | Kansas City Moms Blog

When Mama Needs a Nap

I consider myself to be a very on the go, busy person. I like to think of myself as a cruise director. We have two kids that are involved in multiple sports and after school activities. There is always something going on. I love our busy! I love the role of organizing and directing everything […]

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What Happened to My Weekend?

Everyone looks forward to Friday, especially Friday nights. But, after you become a parent, Friday night and the weekend mean something totally different! As I watch my younger co-workers happily pack their bags, grab their keys and head out for a much anticipated “wild weekend,” only one thing crosses my mind… I’M TIRED!    Raising […]

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Chain Restaurants: Bring ’em On!

Picture in your mind the most elegant restaurant you have ever been to. Picture the beautifully folded cloth napkins, the pristine linen table cloth, the smell of the real candles that burn low to add to the ambiance. Imagine the soft sound of orchestral music playing in the background, and the many different courses offered […]

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toy intervention

The Toy Intervention

We’ve all seen the mess, stepped on Barbie shoes, bought the fancy containers, and we’ve all spitefully vacuumed up Legos. I woke up one day and noticed that my house had disappeared under piles, mountains, and containers of crap…er…I mean, wonderfully educational toys! I realized quickly that all of the hard work and effort that […]

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When I Failed to Recognize his Anxiety

Dear sweet not-so-baby boy, I’m writing this letter to you as an apology. You are beyond a doubt the sweetest, most kind-hearted, gentle soul I have ever met. I’m so sorry for what I have done over your past 8 years, and I’m sorry for what I have not done. Kellen Thomas, you mean the […]

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Hysterectomy at 34

When I could no longer take the pain and the blood, I knew it was time. Time to let go of my purpose as a woman, time to let go of the possibility of another baby and time to get over the thought of never again feeling life move inside of me. At 34, I […]

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