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Talking to kids when tragedy hits close to home

We’ve gotten numb to reading the details of another shooting splashed across the news. Usually, it happens in someone else’s community where the victims’ names are unfamiliar. Yesterday, it didn’t happen somewhere else. It happened here. Reat Underwood, a freshman at Blue Valley High School and an Eagle Scout, was shot and killed along with […]

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Searching for more than a doctor

I used to joke that I wished I could have my pap smear more than once a year because I missed my midwife. After going through a pregnancy, a dramatic delivery experience and then a miscarriage, I’m pretty sure I was set on having 10 kids just so we could have our bi-weekly chats for […]

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Raising a super reader

We started reading to our son, Henry, when he was in utero; I diligently read black and white books like I was told to do in those first few months of his life. Now that he’s a little person who has his own ideas about whether he’d like to read a book or grind Play-Doh into […]

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The Magic of Disney (even with a toddler)

As we were boarding our plane to leave Orlando earlier this week, a mom in line in front of me was lamenting to her husband about their Disney World vacation. “At least we got THAT out of the way,” she said. I’ll admit: it wasn’t the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken, though we’re definitely […]

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a love letter

Dear Husband, I know that our daily conversations are no longer spent discussing politics or dreaming about the future but instead seem to primarily consist of to-do lists, meal planning, errand running and the occasional nagging.   I know there are days when I am being mangled by one boy “cuddling” my face all day […]

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Fun at the Library

“Having fun isn’t hard … when you have a library card!” Cartoon aardvark Arthur was right, and the Plaza Library has become our go-to source for free fun. Aside from the awesome kids area with shelves of books, fun floor toys, a telescope to view the city, a puppet theater, coloring sheets and crayons and […]

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silent grief

                    Next week will mark the day I’ve been dreading for nine months. It’s the day I was supposed to be meeting our second baby. Instead, my first ultrasound last March confirmed a baby but no heartbeat. A few weeks later, I went into the hospital […]

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Plaza Art Fair – fun for all ages!

Expensive art and children. What could be a better match, right? Luckily, the Plaza Art Fair has much more to offer than pretty art you can’t afford. Between three live music stages, tasty local food vendors (ice cream for the kiddies, a beer for mommy) and activities just for little ones, this event is a […]

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Fitting in Fitness

Right before I found out I was pregnant with my son, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon. During the first couple of months of pregnancy, I continued to run until his head lodged low into my pelvis sending electric shocks between my legs. I resigned myself to the couch to eat tacos until the […]

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