Review: BabyBjörn in the Kitchen

(Note: Kansas City Moms Blog received product in exchange for this review; however, all opinions shared are those of the contributor who wrote them.)

When I was asked to review some BabyBjörn products, my first thought was “Well… I don’t have a baby, so why are you asking me?” However, BabyBjörn doesn’t just make baby carriers – they now offer BabyBjörn kitchen products designed for your growing baby who is learning to feed themselves (and beyond!). My daughter and I were able to test out these kitchen products!

Soft Bib
Mom’s Thoughts: This bib is flexible, soft and dishwasher-safe. I love how the scoop of it can catch anything from crumbs to drips and dribbles. I was impressed with the way the bib fastens – the neck is lined with soft-to-the-touch, firm plastic beads (resembling a pearl necklace) which you then secure into a notch on one side of the bib. This makes it adjustable, which is wonderful!

Toddler’s Take: She was quite interested in the food collected in it by the time she was finished eating, which meant I had to remove it quickly before she started playing with said food!


Baby Cups
Mom’s Thoughts: I love how the cups are bottom-heavy, helping to prevent tipping and spilling. They even land upright when tossed onto the floor – too bad they aren’t magical enough to actually keep liquid in them! The cups are small, holding about 4 ounces of liquid. If you are trying to transition your toddler from a sippy cup to a regular one, this cup is a great one to start with. My only issue is these cups do not nest inside one another and take up more room in the cupboards.

Toddler’s Take: She loved that they were pink and purple! (They come in other colors, as well.) It also seemed as if she was more careful with this cup than others.

Baby Plates
Mom’s Thoughts: These plates are more bowl-like with a wider base at the bottom to prevent them from being tipped or picked up and thrown on the floor. They are dishwasher safe and cleaned up well after spaghetti and meatballs without any staining.

Toddler’s Take: Again, she loved the colors! Not once did she try to pick the plate up or turn it over.


Baby Spoons
Mom’s Thoughts:
 The short, stubby spoon is great for little hands. The actual spoon part of it is shaped differently than normal spoons, which I noticed aided my daughter in being able to scoop toward her – which is almost automatic for toddlers – rather than the right-to-left scoop that adults tend to do. I also noted as I placed the spoon down on the baby plate that there is a little notch on it that catches the edge of the plate, therefore preventing the spoon from sliding into the middle of the plate. I really enjoyed that clever little feature!

Toddler’s Take: She loved the colors, obviously, and scooped her food without difficulty or having the food spill on the way to her mouth.

Mom’s Thoughts:
 I wouldn’t necessarily call it a highchair, but more of a low-chair or just a chair. As you can see from these pictures, this highchair sits much lower than a “regular” highchair.


When I put my daughter in the BabyBjörn highchair, my immediate thought was that she was way too big for it even though the box it came in had a picture of an infant as well as a picture with a toddler. To give you a point of reference, my little girl is not yet 2 and a half and is petite – weighing about 24 pounds. I cannot imagine how a bigger toddler could fit comfortably.

When I pushed it up to my kitchen table, it was nice to see that the tray slid under our table so our daughter could eat at the table like the rest of us. Though, when I imagined trying to spoon feed an infant – not only would the parent have to sit down – but even when sitting down, the highchair just seems so low to me.


I also have a problem with the tray on this highchair; instead of squeezing the sides to pull off the tray like highchairs I’m used to, the BabyBjörn has a knob underneath the tray that has to be twisted, along with pushing a button at the same time before the tray can be lowered. The tray does not come off completely, but, there is a dishwasher-safe plate that snaps onto the highchair’s tray that can be removed for cleaning.

The plus side is that this highchair is super-simple to put together, and it does fold up nicely – great for a smaller kitchen!

Toddler’s Take: She hated it and couldn’t get out of it fast enough – you know toddlers: they like what they are used to! I appreciated the fact that she didn’t try to stand up in this highchair like she always does with our current one.

Eat and Play Smock
Mom’s Thoughts:  I very well may use this at mealtime as a bib; with the way my daughter eats, she basically refuses to wear a bib that actually covers her clothes! I was impressed with how lightweight and soft this smock is. There are no seams in important areas, so if using this smock for arts and crafts, nothing will seep through any seams and still mess up the clothes underneath.


I let my daughter paint and the only paint she got on her clothes was on her neck where she grabbed with a fist full of blue paint. I loved how the sleeves were gathered with elastic at the wrists, keeping them secure and closed. The smock wiped off easily with a wet washcloth and washed well in the washing machine.

Toddler’s Take: She was a little unsure of what I was putting on her, but once she started painting, she didn’t know any different, and she seemed comfortable.

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