Baby Love: something for families of every size

Those of you like myself with four or more kids are part of an exhausting, crazy, whirlwind type of family. A dying breed of parents who DIDN’T stop procreating when most others had their one boy and one girl and called their families complete.

Mommies who are constantly being asked “Don’t you know how that happens?” or “You sure have your hands full!” or “are you Catholic?” when we get pregnant. Again.

We don’t travel by airplane because to do so would mean taking out a second mortgage. We laugh at the thought of ever getting out of a minivan as we will be 82 years old before our kids are gone and able to buy a smaller “cool kid” car.

We all hate fall. Not because it’s the beginning of winter, but because you know it’s coming … the dreaded stomach bug. Where ONE fingernail-biting kid of yours WILL bring home the germ and one by one they fall, week after week, ALWAYS in the middle of the night, and ONLY mom will do. Loud, messy houses, always a bit late, and barely time for your own shower when mornings consist of assembly line-style breakfasts, backpacks and booger checks. 

Then, there’s Christmas. Aside from the actual selling of the youngest child to fund the gift giving, mamas of big families love it. The tree, the traditions, the feeling of love and the glow of hope over a month of decent behavior because, of course, “You better stop it! Santa’s watching!” 

There is always some awesome event you’ve been waiting to go to, searching for deals on cheap tickets, trying to win every contest the event puts out or trying to decide which kid you like the most as you know it will break the bank to pay for them all.  {Just kidding!}

So, when I made entry to my event for all kids 12 and under FREE, I also made sure the activities geared towards them didn’t cost, as well. Every single activity and demo I add, I think “what would make this MOST enjoyable for my attendees …” and the answer brought you the free massage, free classes, demos and activities, thousands in baby gear giveaways, and this year, the Ultimate Santa Experience – all at this weekend’s Baby Love, KC’s Only Baby Fair!

I’m THRILLED to partner with our friends from Kansas City Moms Blog to invite your little believers (and bellies holding believers, too!) to go to our three station, totally free meet-and-greet. Stop at Sugar and Spice Kids Salon to get your little ones’ hair styled, then visit with the ladies from KinderCare who will help your little one write a letter to Santa. Then, walk with them to deliver their list to the big man himself! This fella, Santa Dan, is the realist Santa in KC with the REAL beard and belly and will take your little ones’ letters and pose for a picture. All for FREE! For our pregnant mommies, don’t miss the opportunity to write a Wishes for my Baby letter and snap a “weekly bump” photo while you’re there!

When I started the baby fair in 2011, I did so because I knew there were tons of amazing companies out there who could help ALL mommies of families big and small learn tips and tricks to make life easier and less stressful. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifth baby, things change so fast with technology and guidelines, I wanted to have a super awesome event for mamas just like me to experience a day of pampering, learning and fun and connect them with the most up-to-date equipment, techniques and tricks to make this mommin’ journey just a bit more enjoyable.

And who knows? By the end of a day filled with happy kids and a little taste of Christmas Spirit, maybe you TOO will be eager to broach the idea of becoming a mama full of big family problems yourself!

Join us Sunday, November 19th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Overland Park Convention Center! We welcome you to a day full of education, love and celebration from Kansas City’s finest resources available for new and expecting families! Children ages 12 and under are FREE.

Get $4 off your ticket price NOW at

Stay in the know with all exciting show details on our Facebook event page. We’ll see you there!

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