Best Health and Tracking Devices for Moms

Staying on top of health and activity is often one of the first things that falls by the wayside once kids come into the picture. Between taking care of family and working or keeping the home from falling apart, the last thing many moms want to do is manually track their health. Although staying healthy is often a necessity to keep the infamous flu at bay and keep up with the kiddos, it’s generally at the bottom of the to-do list. Fortunately, there are quite a few health and tracking devices for moms to take extra work out of the equation and make staying on top of your health doable. 

Garmin Vivo Series

I may be partial to Garmin because it’s local to Kansas City, but it’s also the only company that creates a tracker for both moms and their kids. Garmin’s Vivo Series includes six different options. All of their trackers in this series include the ability to track steps, sleep, auto-sync and more, but in order to find one that fits you best, each tracker offers a plethora of different options as well. Having the option to grab a water-proof tracker for your kids can also make tracking your activity into a game within the family. 

Bellabeat LEAF

The LEAF is my personal favorite. It has a unique yet classy look and offers the option to clip onto your clothes or be worn as a necklace or bracelet. With the LEAF, you’re able to track steps, sleep, fitness activity, menstrual cycle and meditation. One of my favorite features is that the LEAF app offers three- to 10-minute meditation sessions that are personalized for things like anxiety, centering self, winding down or waking up. 


This tracker is probably one of the most well known and offers a wide variety of personalization and price range. One of the great options Fitbit offers that a lot of trackers don’t is the ability to track food. Fitbit also offers the option to compete with friends and family via their app which is great motivation for those who need some healthy competition to stay active.  A visual upside to Fitbit is that it’s offered in several different looks and colors as well. 


For the mom constantly pushing the stroller full of kiddos and always forgetting to charge their devices, the Misfit is a stellar tracker. Not only does it offer a clip-on option, but its data accuracy is on point and the battery life blows most other trackers out of the water. The Misfit tracker also offers a bling option to workout in style with the Swarovski Shine, which is a major plus for some moms. To take it one step further, Misfit launched Shine in 2012, which helped others to realize not all trackers have to be worn on your wrist


If you’re looking for style and functionality, this hybrid smartwatch is a great option. Whether you’re heading into the office or meeting with a client, Withings has you covered with a beautiful steel time piece that embodies the ideal of professional. The fashionable Withings options offer water-proof options, silent alarms, app syncing and more, depending on the style you choose. 

Overall, health is one of the key factors to creating a solid foundation for yourself and parenting to your best ability. If you’re able to track your sleep, steps, food and look stylish, there’s no reason not to contribute to your own health and work to feel better. 

If you currently use a tracker or had to choose one, which do you prefer to stay on top of your health?

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