Better Bedtime Stories With WeReads

This is a sponsored post. Subscription was paid for by WeReads, but all opinions are those of the writer.

When I was a kid, my grandpa signed us up for a book of the month club, and I LOVED getting my own mail with a brand new book every month. So trying this kind of service for my own kids was really appealing to me. We had the chance to try out the WeReads subscription box service recently and wanted to share how much we loved it!

With an almost 5 year old and a 5 month old, we selected the infant + big kid sibling box. I love that they allow you to customize based on age. For one child there is an infant (0-11 months), toddler (1-2 years), or big kid (3-6) box. For sibling sets there is an infant + toddler, infant + big kid, toddler + big kid or big kid + big kid option. The infant and toddler books are pretty general neutral, but for the bigger kids that may have developed more preferences/interests you can select the the tiaras, tutus, and tea parties option or the trucks, trains, and t-rex option. I chose the month to month subscription but you can also subscribe for 3 months or 6 months and get a discount for pre-paying.

My one concern was that we already have a HUGE library of children’s books. Probably 200-300 at least. Since we have so many books I was worried that WeReads would send us books we already own. However I was so pleased to learn that they already anticipated this possible issue! Before mailing out my box, I got an email showing what books would be in it, and I was given the option to swap out either of the books if we already owned them or would prefer something different! Sure enough one of the books they offered was a book we already owned. I responded and let them know and they sent me another email, this time with three book choices to pick from, and I was able to select a different book. 

My daughters love their new books. My oldest was so excited to get her own mail and open in to see what was inside. The book selected for her is The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles in the Snow (by THE Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton). The baby received The Wonderful World of Peekaboo (a Melissa and Doug soft book). My oldest loves reading her book with us and especially loves helping her baby sister look at her new cloth book, which has become a diaper bag staple for us. 

I love that WeReads doesn’t send paperback books. They only send hardcover, board books and soft cover (cloth) books. They also carefully curate the books and choose ones that both parents and kids will enjoy. These are the kinds of books you’ll want to keep in your library for years, not the ones that you’ll discard at the next garage sale or consignment sale.  

A WeReads subscription would make a FANTASTIC gift. I am all about gifts that aren’t toys. You could gift a subscription for so many different occasions. New moms would love these to build their library for baby, making this a great shower gift. I’m going to request a  subscription for my youngest for her first birthday, as she has more than enough hand me down clothes and toys from her big sister! We truly believe there is no such things as too many books, and a WeReads subscription is a great way to grow your library!

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