Book-Themed Summer Staycation Ideas

Does anyone else feel the pressure to plan a bunch of fun activities for her kids once summer rolls around? Is anyone else terrible at that? Especially when you work full time year-round and summer feels pretty much like any other time of the year.

I may not be great at activity planning (thank goodness for the KCMB Summer Guide!) but I am pretty good about making sure we read plenty of books. Why not turn this literary love of mine into a summer activity itself? It’s easy to take one of your child’s favorite books and turn it into a summer “staycation” idea. Here are a few ideas taken from a few of my 3-year-old son Jona’s favorites.

Book-Themed Summer Stay-cation Ideas

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. A lot of these ideas are things you would likely do anyway, and pairing them with a book makes them feel extra special.

What books and ideas would you add to this list?

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One Response to Book-Themed Summer Staycation Ideas

  1. Courtney Lewis May 23, 2017 at 4:12 pm #

    This is brilliant. I am a BIG FAN of the Dragons Love Tacos party. Thank you for sharing it! But no hot salsa of course.