Bringing the Milkman Back with Shatto Home Delivery

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My mom frequently talks about the milkman coming to her house, remembering clink of the glass bottles of fresh milk as it was delivered to their doorstep in the country, fresh from the cow down the street.

Now, the clink of the glass milk bottles happen on my doorstep every Thursday morning. I peek through the slats in the wood blinds to see our milkman carefully placing this week’s order in my cooler.

It’s become a weekly routine in our house as I whisper “the milkman came!” (much like Santa) and my three little ones run to the front door and pull in the cooler. There’s just something about those bottles clinking together as I put them in the fridge that feels so magical. Plus, Santa… I mean, the milkman… does splurge on chocolate milk every so often.

Shatto Home Delivery

Look, the milkman came!

Our regular weekly order always includes three half gallon bottles of milk and a dozen eggs. But it’s not just the staples that Shatto Home Delivery offers. We rotate in fresh orange juice, kombucha, granola, honey, bread, locally sourced meat, pasta and sauces, fully prepared meals or sides, fruits and veggies. In fact, there are more than 650 local products to choose from, including many gluten-free options.

We stick to a food budget in our house. As a family of five with kids who keep eating more than I thought possible, we have to make smart choices. I still utilize our closest grocery store for many of my weekly items like Cheerios and granola bars. I’m at Costco for my salmon, Trader Joe’s for my steak and utilize Amazon Subscribe and Save for my paper goods and diapers. I mean, when it comes to grocery stores, I get around! 

But when Shatto offers it, I order it there. The prices are similar to what I would pay in the store. And it feels good to know that I’m supporting local business. And it just tastes better. We used to go through a gallon of milk every 10 days or so. Now I try to limit us to two gallons a week because it just tastes SO good. I would give the same review of almost everything we have tried.

Kansas City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Shatto to offer an awesome deal for our readers – get $20 off your first order (subtotal) of $30 or more! Good for first time orders, only.

Once you try it once, I guarantee you’ll be back for more. I’ve included my recommendations for your first orders.

Top 10 Shatto Home Delivery Products to Try

  1. Regular milk and at least one flavored milk 
  2. Eggs from Camp Lindo
  3. Marble Rye Bread by Farm to Market
  4. Stoplight Peppers (the price is right!)
  5. Classic Pesto from Call-Ann Farms
  6. Hibiscus Watermelon Kombucha from Tea Biotics
  7. Stone Ground Corn Tortillas from Yoli Tortilleria
  8. Caramelized Brussel Sprouts from Kearney Culinary Academy
  9. Smoked Pepper Bacon from Fantasma’s Finest
  10.  Apple Pancake Mix from Louisburg Cider Mill

You can purchase a porch box from Shatto or you can put out your own cooler. My delivery comes pretty early so I can get my items inside before they have time to get too cold or too hot. But you’ll want to include your own ice packs when summer finally arrives. I place my empty bottles in the cooler, and the bottle deposit is returned on my week’s final bill.

I’m looking forward to taking my kids to Shatto Farm this summer to see exactly where their food is coming from. We don’t get many opportunities to appreciate the people, the land and the animals that feed us. Especially in a way that actually makes a busy mom’s life easier!

Try out the Shatto Home Delivery with our special offer of $20 off your first order of $30 using the code kcmom.

Then, show us what you find on your front porch using the hashtag #mymilkmandelivers


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