Brunch at The Well: something for everyone

Disclosure: This review post is sponsored by The Well; however, all opinions shared here are those of the contributor who wrote them.

For moms, “brunch” could be that word we use to describe the lukewarm cup of coffee and piece of toast we eat after missing breakfast, just minutes before we feed our kids their (inexplicably early) lunch. Maybe for you, “brunch” sounds like work: a larger than usual mid-morning meal you prepare for your immediate and/or extended family on birthdays, holidays or … you know, Saturdays.


Brunch can be a downer sometimes.

Fortunately, Kansas City is home to a number of fabulous brunch options that go above and beyond in atmosphere, food, and family-friendliness. In Waldo, that option is The Well.

Brunch at The Well: something for everyone

Some of the many brunch options at The Well. (Photo credit: London Angelique Photography)

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: isn’t The Well a bar? The answer is, yes – and more. The Well Bar, Grill & Rooftop is a multi-level restaurant in the heart of Waldo that features two separate outdoor areas – a lower level patio and a rooftop deck. Their website describes a “slightly upscale feel combined with the casual atmosphere of a neighborhood bar” and that is exactly what our team experienced when we visited The Well for brunch last month. Their Sunday brunch truly does offer something for everyone! Consider first their menu:

pastries and breads
traditional hot breakfast
savory lunch
Belgian waffles
made-to-order omelets
fresh fruit and salad
seasonal, house-made deserts

After a trip (or two …) through the various food stations set up across the lower level of the restaurant, the following things stood out to our team:

  • the variety of food. As moms, we rarely visit a restaurant without wondering, “what do they have to offer my kids?” Perhaps surprisingly, we felt like The Well had plenty of options that both kids and adults could enjoy! The mini donuts were a hit with several members of our team. And the fruit. But especially the donuts.
  • the relaxed atmosphere. Young (and old) families, churchgoers and neighborhood regulars were just some of the many groups we saw enjoying Sunday brunch at The Well. All of us were surprised by its family friendliness! On the other hand, the food and service had a uniquely upscale feel that would be perfect for a holiday meal or special celebration.
  • parking. This may seem small, but as moms, we’re regularly thinking about things like parking when it comes to venturing out with our families. Not only is The Well easy to find (even for those of us not lucky enough to live in Waldo), there is also ample parking nearby.

The next time you want to enjoy Sunday brunch with family or friends – think Easter, Mother’s Day, and more – make plans to visit The Well. You’ll be glad you did!

For details of The Well’s Sunday brunch, click here.


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