Bungii: A Solution to Your ‘I Need a Truck’ Moments

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How many times have you wished for a pick-up truck to haul something back home? A large Costco run, West Bottoms furniture, new Ikea furniture or a Craigslist purchase sounded like a good idea until you can’t fit it in your car. Or maybe you’re trying to drop off your Goodwill donations or your baby gear for consignment. Sure, you can borrow your friend’s truck but that takes time and coordination. You could probably fit it in your van IF you take out all the car seats, remove or flatten seats…yeah, right.

Enter, Bungii – the perfect answer to your “I need a truck” moments. Bungii, founded by two K-State grads, is a mobile app that instantly helps move, haul and deliver your stuff across town by connecting you with a local driver and pickup truck. 

We’ve had moms use Bungii for Costco runs, helping their kids move into college, DIY projects, West Bottoms delivery, gardening related projects- seemingly anything and everything. You can learn more about our bread and butter here,” write Bungii co-founders, Ben Jackson and Harrison Profitt.

I have these moments truck moments at least once a month so I sat down with the Bungii guys to learn more. 

Where did the idea for Bungii originate?
On a hot Manhattan afternoon in 2014, Ben had four different friends ask if they could borrow his pickup to help haul stuff across town. Multiple truck loads later, being more worn out than his ’99 Ford Ranger, he laid in bed thinking, “there has to be a better way.” The next day in class at K-State, Ben whispered his dilemma to Harrison who nonchalantly replied, “Let’s start a business.” They walked out of that class with one concept in mind: tap a button, get a truck. We’ve come a long way since then and we look forward to being there for your next, “I need a truck” moment.

Where did the name Bungii come from?
Flashback to June 2015. It had been weeks without any progress. All the creativity had run dry in regards to naming our new business. That day, when putting a customer’s dresser in the back of my truck, I asked Harrison if he could throw me a bungee cord. “That’s it!” He said. “Bungee cords are inexpensive, reliable and flexible, just like our business.” And from there on out, we’ve been known as Bungii.

What do you consider your delivery area for KC?
We’ll pickup anything in Kansas City and the KC metro area. From Overland Park, to Olathe, to Lee’s Summit, to Independence, to Platte Woods, you’re covered. However, since we charge per min/mile, we’ll go as far as the customer is would like. We’ve done a trip with a destination of Dodge City!

What’s the average wait time for a truck? Say I am on my way to Costco to pick up something big, what’s the most efficient way for me to use Bungii?
The average wait time is right around 15 minutes; the longest you’ll ever wait for a Bungii is 30 minutes. It’s important to us to provide an instant, on demand service that is dependable and ready at a moment’s notice.

How do you recruit/qualify your drivers?
You know, someone caught wind of Bungii at a local fire department and before we knew it, we had local firefighters, policemen and EMTs applying to put their pickups to work. Even though a firefighter may be more qualified than we are to transport large items, all Bungii drivers undergo background checks, vehicle checks, personal interview and driver training. Our drivers are the backbone of Bungii, so making sure they’re good people who are qualified is very important. Learn more about our driver qualification process here.

Do I need to be present when the truck arrives to pick up something for delivery?
Nope! We’ve had people request Bungiis for their elderly parents from California! However, if it’s a big item, we ask that someone is there to help our drivers load and unload.

Can you pick up my Goodwill boxes and drop them off for donation?
We do Goodwill/furniture donation drop offs all the time! Bungii drivers show up, load your stuff, then be on their way without you stepping foot outside of your home. So no, there’s no need to come along for the ride.

What if the item is too heavy for me lift alone?
No problem! All of our drivers help load and unload. For bigger items that some ladies may be uncomfortable lifting, like farm tables or sectionals, we’ve found that’s there’s usually a husband, son or neighbor to provide an extra set of hands.

How do you feel about delivering wine or chocolate in the middle of the bedtime routine?
Rumor has it that firefighters love wine/chocolate delivery, so if you’re feeling that crave, absolutely. (Writer’s note: SOLD!)

Do you have any promo codes or discounts for our readers who want to try Bungii out for the first time?
Absolutely! Use code, “KCMOMS” for $10 off your first trip. Enter the promo code in the “Save Money” page of the app and it will automatically be applied to your trip!

I’m still not convinced. Where can I find reviews?
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  1. Jessica Hunt March 9, 2017 at 3:28 pm #

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for something like this for about three years now. I’ll be using them ALL the time!!!!