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Motherhood. The Gift.

Yesterday, we spent a whole day in the room where she’ll sleep. At one point, I actually managed to wrangle all three of my wriggly worms to some sort of order across my diminishing lap – and in this millisecond of stillness, I marveled in this miracle of motherhood. This same faded chocolate fuzz chair […]

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Great Expectations

My husband is disappointed in my pregnancy. Okay, not really … he is actually very supportive, but he did have some expectations about my pregnancy that didn’t quite pan out. 1. Ice cream cravings. He was CERTAIN that after I got pregnant, I would demand ice cream. I certainly don’t hate it – but let’s just say that […]

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I’m two-thirds cooked these days.   Two-thirds round and waddling, two-thirds wheezing and pausing, two-thirds rotund and awkward. It really is a monumental occasion reaching this third trimester mark, one I have certainly not passed up celebrating. I may have treated myself to a plate of seconds at dinner (a few times), may have even […]

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Modest is Hottest

I thought it would be easy. That’s right. I said it. I, naively, thought that we would make our appointment for our twenty week ultrasound and walk out with an envelope which would eventually reveal the sex of our baby. I had already prepped gender reveal party favors, made the snacks, and told everyone where to […]

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Dreams vs Reality

I rose to a beautiful bouquet of flowers nestled next to my bed, my husband presenting a tray of my favorite organic breakfast foods, my three children as the peaceful audience to this loving tribute. We shared a steamy shower together as the children went about their morning routine independently, productively, cooperatively. As we giggled […]

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Thirteen Weeks

I started the day seated on our toddler-sized potty chair and puking into the cold toilet. The bright side? My two-and-a-half-year-old’s buns have been nowhere near the strategically placed chair, so it’s been unused (and we can pretend, germ-free) for over a year now. Apparently, my already-pooching tummy hadn’t gotten the memo that we’re at […]

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