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Why We Love Camping

Growing up, my family did not go camping. Our idea of “roughing it” was sharing a hotel room with just one bathroom. The entire idea of camping was completely foreign to me. Why would anyone want to sleep in the woods? Without air conditioning? I was surprised as anyone when my husband and I got […]

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front row mom (1)

Front Row Mom

I don’t really have any hangups about aging. I’ve comfortably settled into the point in my life where I dread having plans to go almost anywhere. While I once turned down a car from my parents because it didn’t have a sunroof, I now happily drive an ugly minivan with a DVD player in place […]

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This is (All of) Us

This is (All of) Us

It’s the Sunday fans have been waiting for. You know what that means? Football. This is Us. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard of the Emmy-nominated Pearson family. This amazing TV drama follows three siblings known as the “Big Three”, through flashbacks and present-day, storytelling their interwoven lives. What makes […]

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non-princess movies

Non-Princess Movies My Girls Love

In our household with three daughters, there are lots of princesses. I get the appeal – princesses seem to have lovely adventures and wear fabulous dresses. My girls love fancy dresses and jumping in mud puddles, sometimes together. There has been a lot of anti-princess ranting, but I think princesses are like carbs. They’re not […]

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