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All I Need to Know

Moms wear many hats, some more stylish than others. As the mom of two boys, Max and Finn, our schedules  may be predictable, but our days  are not. I carefully navigate breakfast because Finn’s reaction to what’s being served can either get our “mommy train” out of the station or send us back to the […]

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Earth Day

Happy Earth (Every) Day

When I wrote this Earth Day post, I was anti-lists. I usually shy away from offering how-to lists because there are so many circulating already – and I figured that if given information about something, people would naturally extrapolate for themselves what to do. For example, I know trees absorb CO2, retain soil and clean […]

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Birth photography: capturing your special moments

Many people who hear the words “birth” and “photography” together shudder as they picture scrunched-up-in-pain faces, less than flattering hospital gowns, smeared (or zero) makeup, not to mention the “aftermath.” Who would want to see that again? A lot of people, actually – and it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend. During the birthing process, there […]

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The Family That Wiis Together

I fought it. I fought it hard. I was convinced that, if I gave into it, my  little boy would be lost forever. He who still thought that dancing with me to 80’s pop music was a valid form of entertainment and exercise. A little boy who was still attached to his faded baby blanket and slept […]

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