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George Addair

To Paris, With Love

I’ve been in love with Paris, France since I was young. I remember growing up watching Madeline. Somehow she made living in a boarding school with nuns look like the best time ever. I wanted her hat. When given the option, I always asked for or ordered French Toast. It was actually one of the […]

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Teaching Kindness

“Middle school is coming. And I’m seriously considering homeschooling to avoid the bullying,” Ashley said as we watched our two daughters playing in the sand with their younger siblings. “Middle school was horrible for me.” “Me too,” I said, remembering the social perils that even a school uniform couldn’t save me from. When our babies were small, […]

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Sponsored: Creating a Fun Thanksgiving Table for Kids [As Seen on Fox 4]

With the following easy and fun decorating ideas, everyone will want to sit at the kids’ table this Thanksgiving! A Thankful Centerpiece Not only is this turkey centerpiece adorable, it gives kids the chance to express what they’re thankful for this holiday. Easy to make in only a few simple steps, everyone can get involved […]

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Fits for the Occasion Low Res 3

Holiday Gifts for Mom [As Seen on Fox 4]

Everyone wants to pick out the perfect gift for mom and, with these fabulous finds, you might just want to put a few of them on your own wish list for the holidays! Fits for the Occasion Tiles These stylish, erasable ceramic accent labels come with interchangeable, magnetically attached motif designs that make them perfect […]

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The Science of Spanking

There are pictures of NFL player Adrian Peterson’s preschool sons with facial scars and leg lacerations from his discipline techniques. The latest accusations include a head wound Peterson said occurred while disciplining his 4-year-old for cursing at his sibling. In February 2014, a Kansas lawmaker tried to introduce a bill that would have allowed school […]

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A New Twist on Some Summer Classics

Although my kids are fairly picky eaters, they love fruit. LOVE IT! In the summer months, we can’t get enough blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, and other seasonal favorites. Today, on Fox 4’s Morning Show, I shared four fantastic summer recipes that feature Fruit2O Sparkling Water and lots of fresh fruit! My kids have gone crazy for […]

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