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Looking for a Preschool? Here’s What’s Important.

Choosing a quality preschool is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child. Early childhood education plays a seminal role in cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. It prepares young learners for long-term academic and life success. But what should you look for when researching preschools in your area? Professor Deborah Stipek, former […]

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Little Sunshine's Playhouse

Investing in Early Childhood Education

This post is written and sponsored by Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool.There so many options for preschool, and the even bigger question – is preschool really that important? If you’re wondering if it’s worth investing in early childhood education, the answer is YES! But once you understand the importance of early education, it’s time to choose […]

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A Perfect Kansas City Day

One of my favorite things to do on those rare beautiful weather, no plans weekend days that comes around once in a blue moon is explore this beautiful city that we call home. Although we live in the ‘burbs, our family enjoys the urban scene in all of its glory. We have our favorite places […]

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Global Birthing Home Foundation

Moms and Babies Deserve Quality Healthcare, Wherever They Call Home

This post is written and sponsored by Global Birthing Home Foundation.Over 30 years ago, my two daughters were born in a hospital. The first birth was an emergency C-section, which was scary, but I trusted my doctor. Back then, a C-section dictated my second delivery would be the same. I was blessed with two healthy […]

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I can't tell which he likes better: his cool new glasses or his own reflection.

Getting New Glasses: My Excellent Experience at Eyemart Express

This post was sponsored by Eyemart Express. However, opinions belong to the writer.My 3 and a half year old son wears glasses. We discovered this past winter that he will need to wear them “all waking hours until he’s a teenage” according to his ophthalmologist. Because he’s a little boy, he’s very tough on his […]

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Joni Wickham

Meet Joni Wickham: Chief of Staff, Proud Kansas Citian, Mom

Joni Wickham leads one of the most influential, fast-paced offices in city. She influences public policy, shapes community programs and empowers women leaders. When her boss, Kansas City Major Sly James, needs her, she’s there. Except one afternoon a week, when she leaves early (with her boss’ encouragement) so she never misses her 5-year-old daughter’s […]

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