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Mommy, Put Away Your Phone

Mommy, Put Your Phone Away

It’s a gorgeous August evening. The peepers are peeping, the moon has just popped out, and my 3-and-half-year-old son and I are enjoying one of our favorite summer traditions: porch popsicles. A pretty perfect night for us. Suddenly I hear  it: “Mommy, put your phone away.” Busted. He caught me checking my Twitter feed when […]

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‘Children Don’t Belong in Nice Restaurants’ and other Falsehoods

Every parent has experienced that ominous feeling. A relatively peaceful meal out with the family – a rare indulgence since having the kids – about to be disrupted by an adorable but incorrigible tiny person. The tears are about to flow, but not before letting out a blood-curdling shriek and maybe hurling a fork across […]

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Shift Work As A Mom

Shift Work …As a Mom

When I decided to pursue meteorology for my career, the idea of having to work shifts never even occurred to me. I remember surviving my first midnight shift back in college as a volunteer intern at the National Weather Service, and then quickly declaring I would never do it again. In fact, it was a […]

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Global Birthing Home Foundation

Moms and Babies Deserve Quality Healthcare, Wherever They Call Home

This post is written and sponsored by Global Birthing Home Foundation.Over 30 years ago, my two daughters were born in a hospital. The first birth was an emergency C-section, which was scary, but I trusted my doctor. Back then, a C-section dictated my second delivery would be the same. I was blessed with two healthy […]

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Joni Wickham

Meet Joni Wickham: Chief of Staff, Proud Kansas Citian, Mom

Joni Wickham leads one of the most influential, fast-paced offices in city. She influences public policy, shapes community programs and empowers women leaders. When her boss, Kansas City Major Sly James, needs her, she’s there. Except one afternoon a week, when she leaves early (with her boss’ encouragement) so she never misses her 5-year-old daughter’s […]

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