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graphic says the guilt

The Guilt

It’s not fair. I’m embarrassed to admit how often that thought runs through my head and it has nothing to do with me repeating my kids. It has to do with my husband. Whether it’s right or wrong, so often it feels like he gets to do more kid-free things than I do. Whether it’s […]

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mom shame

The Mom Shame Game

I was at the nail salon indulging in a little pedicure love with my almost four year old daughter last weekend. All was going great until my nail technician asked if my daughter was my only child. “She is!” I replied cheerfully. Conversation over, right? Wrong! My nail technician went on for five minutes about […]

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I want it all

I Want It All

A few weeks ago, I lost it on my way home from work. By lost it, I mean one second I was driving and the next I was driving and doing the ugly cry. You know the type of cry I’m talking about. It was Friday, and it had been a really hard week at […]

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Postpartum KC: Guide to Support Services

Hello new mom, soon-to-be-new mom, new mom again, and still-feel-like-a-new-mom-11-months-in (that’s me). Here we are post-pregnancy raising a child, and it’s not always easy. Mom-ing is a whole new world of emotions and physical experiences. This week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness (learn more at Blue Dot Project ). This year’s campaign focuses on #realmotherhood […]

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