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Preparing for a Sleep Study

Having children changed me in many of the same ways that motherhood has changed you; things which used to be a high priority (like a daily shower) seemed to find a lower priority level when parenting tasks took precedent. Contrary to the myth that parenting a child with special needs takes a special parent, I […]

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Fun at the Library

“Having fun isn’t hard … when you have a library card!” Cartoon aardvark Arthur was right, and the Plaza Library has become our go-to source for free fun. Aside from the awesome kids area with shelves of books, fun floor toys, a telescope to view the city, a puppet theater, coloring sheets and crayons and […]

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Gifts that Give Back!

I know most of you are wrapping up your Christmas shopping, but I want to share with you a few more ideas for gifts that do more than just give to your special person – they give to a person in need, as well! I was asked to share about these awesome products on Fox […]

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Feed Hungry People Today, End Hunger Tomorrow

This is the mission of Harvesters: to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. As the Kansas City area’s only food bank, Harvesters has served our community since 1979 by collecting food and household products, distributing products and providing nutrition services, and offering leadership to increase awareness and generate solutions to alleviate hunger. The work […]

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Just Like You

We can never know the impact of a disease, an illness, or a disability on our families until we have walked through it with someone we love. You may recall a post from earlier this year when Sarah talked about the diagnosis that change the course of her just-beginning family … We knew we were […]

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“A Smile Can Change Everything”

“A smile can change everything.” With this in mind, Kansas City-based Smiles Change Lives has changed the lives of more than 5,000 children since 1997 by providing access to essential orthodontic treatment for children from low-income families. According to the Smiles Change Lives website, twenty percent of all children in the United States are living […]

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hearts for hearts

Move Aside, American Girl Doll

Last December, my husband and I took an entire day to do our Christmas shopping. The parental units were in town which meant we had endless free babysitting. Like good Mid-westerners, we hopped in our gas-guzzling minivan and drove the thirty-five minutes to the mecca of Kansas City shopping: Overland Park. We had Oak Park […]

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A Cozy Little Tea Shop

I have lived in Liberty, Missouri for eighteen years. I love it here. I love the small town atmosphere. I love the quaint historic square and its cute little shops. I love the sense of community and pride in our neighbors. It’s a great place to live and raise a family. This past Saturday, I […]

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Categorical Changes

(Note: This is the second post in our series dedicated to Prematurity Awareness Day; to read the other posts in this series, click here.) During our routine twenty-week sonogram with our first pregnancy, we learned that we were expecting twins. This revelation meant the end of a “normal” and the beginning of a “high risk” pregnancy which […]

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