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Fevers: How High is Too High?

This post is written and sponsored by Olathe Health Pediatricians.Fevers can be alarming, but when should you really be concerned?  Should I make a doctor’s appointment? Should I wait? What about my infant that has a fever?  As a mom of two, pediatrician Erica Red Corn, MD, with Olathe Health Pediatricians – Olathe Medical Park, […]

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graphic says the guilt

The Guilt

It’s not fair. I’m embarrassed to admit how often that thought runs through my head and it has nothing to do with me repeating my kids. It has to do with my husband. Whether it’s right or wrong, so often it feels like he gets to do more kid-free things than I do. Whether it’s […]

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Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule… Or Not?

Ahhh summer. No more alarms set for early school hours, packing lunches, and rushing to get to school on time. For students and teachers alike, this season is looked forward to as a time to relax and let go. But what about the schedule? The routine? There is research that says that keeping kids on […]

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Highly Effective Kindergartner

Summer break. Finally. Kindergarten was hard. Not for reasons that I expected. We were prepared for navigating the frustrations that go with learning to read and write, we handled the transition to a school schedule, and grew into this routine. It wasn’t that. So many school shootings it hard to even keep up. Watching as […]

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A framework for managing (1)

A Framework for Supporting BIG FEELINGS

Young children are not especially known for their subtlety. Not when it comes to expressing their style, their opinions, or their feelings. We’ve all been witness to the meltdown in aisle 8, car seat tantrum, and the “I’M NOT TIRED” protest at bedtime. We know what BIG FEELINGS look like. Most of us probably know […]

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The Bedtime Battle

Our four-year-old daughter, Madeline, is our rainbow baby. Our first born, our son, Joshua, was passed away 36 hours after he was born the year before his little sister. When we had Madeline, I can remember being afraid to put her down in the hospital. I held her all night. I held my breath as […]

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Fitz Cover

Reasons Why We’re Crying: KCMB Toddlers Talk

All I’m trying to do is enjoy my life. Get through the day with the least amount of discomfort as possible.  Sure, I know they’ll make me get dressed, bathed, and eat. And these things are necessary… I guess. But I should have some say in how it’s all done, right? They don’t know how difficult […]

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