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Going against the norm

Going Against the Norm

We are having another baby. Yes, another. That makes the fourth for our crew in six years. And luckily for all of us…this one will be making it’s arrival in September versus our other three that arrived in July in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Nope, that whole three July babies wasn’t planned either (but you […]

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Kindergarten Roundup

Giddyup! It’s Time for Kindergarten Roundup!

If you’ve listened closely throughout March, you may have heard the slight whimpering of moms mixed with the nervous excitement of kids. And no, I’m not talking about everyone’s feelings about spring break. I’m talking about something exclusive to the four- and five-year-olds and their moms. Yes, it’s time for Kindergarten Roundup! Now, I’ve been […]

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Twin Mom’s Guide to Surviving the First Year

I have to start out by saying this guide isn’t about patting myself on the back because I’m a twin mom and have all the things figured out. Because I sure as heck don’t! Rather, it’s a celebration of sorts—that I get to share with other expecting moms through my own personal experience. For everyone […]

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Modeling Family Values

Modeling Family Values: The Why and How

Being teachers and general planners, my husband and I had talked for years about how we wanted to raise our children. But when we actually had a kid, the fantastical conversations of what we might do became a reality. And at first, more so for Joe. After I brought baby Fitz home from the hospital, I […]

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Living with the Jealousy

I broke down the other night. I approached my husband in tears, and I told him that I wanted another baby. He looked at me stunned because he just had gotten the all clear from the urologist after his follow-up appointment. He gently asked me if I was telling him I wanted to adopt. I […]

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