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The Bedtime Battle

Our four-year-old daughter, Madeline, is our rainbow baby. Our first born, our son, Joshua, was passed away 36 hours after he was born the year before his little sister. When we had Madeline, I can remember being afraid to put her down in the hospital. I held her all night. I held my breath as […]

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Twin Mom’s Guide to Surviving the First Year

I have to start out by saying this guide isn’t about patting myself on the back because I’m a twin mom and have all the things figured out. Because I sure as heck don’t! Rather, it’s a celebration of sorts—that I get to share with other expecting moms through my own personal experience. For everyone […]

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When Mama Needs a Nap | Kansas City Moms Blog

When Mama Needs a Nap

I consider myself to be a very on the go, busy person. I like to think of myself as a cruise director. We have two kids that are involved in multiple sports and after school activities. There is always something going on. I love our busy! I love the role of organizing and directing everything […]

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Them vs. Us: the Bedtime Battle

There is something quite mysterious about bedtime. All of a sudden, your children turn into nighttime assassins–vigorously fighting against the one and only thing that threatens their souls. Bedtime. Does anyone else fight this battle, or is it just me? I mean, seriously. Can we talk about the stages of bedtime? From birth on, kids […]

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The Price of Sleep

Sleep is precious. And in my case, sleep is expensive! I cringe at the amount of money I have spent on various products that just might help my kid sleep. Keyword is might. At 2:30 in the morning, I’m willing to try anything to help a baby sleep. Any sort of gadget that may have […]

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Best Health and Tracking Devices for Moms

Staying on top of health and activity is often one of the first things that falls by the wayside once kids come into the picture. Between taking care of family and working or keeping the home from falling apart, the last thing many moms want to do is manually track their health. Although staying healthy is often […]

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Surviving the Toddler Bed Transition

Sleep.  Since we first bought him home from the hospital, sleep has been our greatest challenge as parents. Three years in, and in the midst of transitioning to a toddler bed, and little has changed. If the NSA is snooping on our Google searches right now, the most popular search they will find is “Toddler […]

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the beauty in surviving

The Beauty in Surviving

Do you know what continues to surprise me—shock me at times, even—about motherhood? How much of my time is spent just making it. Simply navigating life from one end of the day to another. I have a baby and a two year-old, so I guess some degree of survival is expected. But I also remember […]

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thermostat battles

Thermostat Battles

I think my husband is a grizzly bear. And I’m not just talking about his snoring or the way he hibernates in his man cave for what seems like days on end. I’m talking about heat retention. You can see the difference in our temperature preferences in many ways: I want to go on a […]

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