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Diary of a #girlmom | Kansas City Moms BlogNovember 2014
We are getting ready to welcome our second daughter. Two girls. Sisters. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d have one girl, let alone two daughters to raise and hope they become well-rounded, strong, independent women. I don’t think I can handle this. I’m worried they won’t be close. I’m nervous the oldest will be jealous of the baby. I’m scared of what life will be like in 13 years or so. I mean, eventually we’ll have TWO moody, hormonal teenage girls under the same roof. Yikes.

December 2014
The littlest girl is here. When we brought the oldest in to meet her sister, my worries disappeared. They absolutely love each other. Well, I’m assuming the baby loves her big sister. She’s just a baby, after all. We are so proud of our big girl, loving on the baby and helping mama and daddy.

It should also be noted that we shouldn’t have even bothered to name the baby. She’s never called by her name. It’s always ‘sister’ or ‘sissy’ or ‘baby girl’ or ‘sister girl.’

February 2015
Ok, this sister-thing is a breeze. Coordinating outfits and matching pajamas?! ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I always said I wouldn’t do it but who am I kidding, it’s the best part. I’m going to relish in this season of life because I’m certain it will be short-lived. The toddler will develop a thirst for independence and the girls will probably grow up to like the opposite things or something like that so for now, I’m just going to buy double of everything and match all the things.

Diary of a #girlmom | Kansas City Moms Blog

May 2015
The baby is a little older now, more aware of her surroundings, and watches her big sister like a hawk. We’re constantly stepping over princesses and dolls and pink everything.

Diary of a #girlmom | Kansas City Moms BlogGracyn likes to play dress up and wear all the “pretties” and share with her sissy. And by share, I mean stick small plastic rings in the baby’s mouth and feed her chapstick. It’s fun, though, watching them together. The baby’s face lights up when Gracyn walks into the room; Gracyn greets Leighton every morning with a “Hi, cutie pie!” and a big, gentle hug.

August 2015
Cat fights. They’ve started. The babe is mobile and the big girl doesn’t like it one. bit. Leighton can steal toys, swipe a snack, and climb like a champ. Gracyn shrieks at a decibel only dogs can hear, which makes the baby yell back and grunt and then secretly laugh about it all. At 8 months old, she can already tease her big sister and suddenly I realize this is just a tiny taste of what’s to come. My husband has already suggested he leave the premises the one week a month all of our cycles sync up. We have 12 and a half more years or so to prepare ourselves for that.

Present Day
Yes, we have our fair share of tears and mood swings and drama but for the most part, these sisters are pretty neat. I would assume brothers or some other combination of siblings are the same way. Having kids in general has a way of driving you crazy and making your heart swell with all the feels at the exact same time. The girls are still young but I can’t help but feel lucky that I get to witness their relationship develop into something sweet.

If we add to the family and happen to be blessed with a son one day, I’m glad he’ll have these two girls as older sisters to love on him and protect him.

If we add another girl to the mix, I’m sure life will be thrice as nice. We’ll just make sure to buy stock in Midol, tampons and wine. Definitely wine.

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