Discover the BIG World of the Ancient Seas

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A new exhibit has arrived at the Museum at Prairiefire, and it is FIERCE!

Savage of the Ancient Seas (now open!) transforms visitors back to the Cretaceous Period when everything was BIG. Now, imagine these big guys walking around what is now Kansas! Every animal featured in the exhibit was once found in this area except for the Megladon, which lived 43 million years before the rest of its friends featured in this exhibit.

We’ve seen dinosaur exhibits before but I had no idea about this other family of animals that lived in the pre-historic waters, more than 65 millon years ago when Kansas was still belong sea level. Creatures you’ll encounter include a sea turtle the size of a small truck (think 3-foot skull),  a 45-foot long mosasaur and giant carnivorous fish that was big enough to swallow an adult human whole. Imagine facing that on your next trip to the beach!?

The exhibit is expertly curated and includes visual signage perfect for kids to follow along with the animals size, preferred food and other facts. For more info, each stop has a QR code you can easily scan with your phone.

The Museum at Prairiefire has recently undergone pricing changes and the All-Access Ticket is $10 for adults and $5 for kids. This includes the featured exhibit PLUS the Discovery Room!

The Discovery Room is perfect for kids of all ages, where natural science comes alive. Visitors can assemble a Prestosuchus, a life-sized cast of a Triassic reptile, uncover fossils in a re-creation of a paleontology field site, pet a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, see living reptiles, explore the Moon, and many other activities and resources. 

Be sure to add the Little Explorers Club to your summer plans as well, which features a science topic with Musuem staff several times per month. Sessions last 45 minutes and include a age-appropriate science lesson, story time, activity or experiment and a craft for just $5 (free for members).

For ticket information, visiting hours and information about other museum features, visit the Museum at Prairiefire online.

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